Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ba De Ya, Say Do You Remember. Ba De Ya, Dancing in September.

Wellllll, how do you like that? It's October already. September was a transition month for me. I went from longer road rides, to shorter, more intense off-road and trainer rides to get ready for cyclcross season...And I raced almost every weekend this month.

So, here are my monthly stats -

Running - 60.63 miles

Cycling - 458 miles

Trainer work-outs - 2 @ 1/2 hour a piece.

Swims - none

Races - 7 - 1 gravel time trial, 1 duathlon and 5 cyclocross races.

Organized touring rides - 1 - the Culinary Ride.

Number of different bikes ridden: 5 of my 6.

 Books read: 6 - "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling, "Shirley", by Susan Scarf Merrell, "The Haunting of Hill House", by Shirley Jackson, "Tigerman", by Nick Harkaway, "An Untamed State", by Roxane Gay, and "A Hologram for the King", by Dave Eggers.

Paintings or Drawings started or finished: Zero. I am planning to make that a priority in October.

House projects started or finished: Zero. Again, I'll try to make that a priority in October too.

Towns we traveled to for races: 4 - The Amanas, Pella, Cedar Falls and Des Moines.

So, how was your September? What things didn't you get around to that you're SURE you'll start on in October?


Todd said...

You missed the Chequamagon? Shame on you! Next year?

Churlita said...

I know. I've heard it's a blast. A lot of my friends do it every year. One of these days...