Thursday, October 29, 2015

October and the Trees are Stripped Bear of All They Wear.

A view from our driveway this weekend. Aaaahhhhhh!

Okay. I did try to run a couple of miles VERY slowly on Monday and it didn't kill me. At one point, I was running on the bike path behind my house and a woman bike racer from another team, ran by with her dog and passed me like I was standing still...Which, I practically was. I was only a little embarrassed.

Tuesday it was pouring down rain and I came home drenched from my bike commute and yesterday, I didn't realize how cold and windy it was going to become in the afternoon, so after riding home in my little skirt and sandals with my ungloved hands almost frozen to the handle bars, I thought I'd forgo a sweaty run in the cold for the day. But....Today. I'm sure I'll run another very slow, two miles today.

So, since I'm not over my cold yet, I've decided to call it and not race this weekend. We already planned not to race the following weekend, so I'll just keep doing my mild training and hopefully bump it up in the next week or so, when I'm SURE I'll be better.Please, oh please.

On other fronts, It is amazingly beautiful here this Fall and I have been reading some really good books. Last week I finished Patrick Modiano's "Suspended Sentences". He won the Nobel prize in 2014 and his writing is incredible. When I watch people who are really good at racing Cyclocross, I imagine that I can do the same things, forgetting that I have way more fear and way worse bike handling skills and I simply can't ride that fast. I have the same feeling when I read Modiano - I feel like I could write that well, but I forget that I have a messy brain and I'm simply not that eloquent. I guess the sign of a good writer, is that they make you think you can write well as well.

With all of this lazing around and not running this week, I got to hang out with Coadster on Tuesday night and have popcorn and soda for dinner (so healthy. I put nutritional yeast on it , so it's okay, right?) and watch House Hunters and make fun of the people and, in turn, feel better about ourselves. Last night, John and I watched "Sleepy Hollow". I love celebrating the season by watching creepy movies.

Here's to training instead of racing for the next couple of weeks. I actually really love training, especially when it means I'm feeling better.


rel said...

I hear you; running and colds are incompatible. I take it as a sign that my body is sending me a "slow down" message.
Gotta set another goal tough. Without a goal I find it too easy to loaf around and find excuses not to train.

Todd said...

Ya gotta love the Midwest in the fall. Good luck with the cold and running.

Churlita said...

Yup. I got that message loud and clear. It only took me a few weeks to really slow down. No racing for 2 weeks now. We'll see how that works...

Todd, Thanks. I do love the Midwest in the Fall. It's gorgeous.