Friday, September 30, 2011

An Image of Me and Of You and We're Laughing. We're Loving It All.

Stinky dressed-up for Nerd Day during Homecoming week at her high school. So, it's just like every other day...

Well, kids. This weekend should be full of stuff. The Guy's ex-wife is in town from Norway (the country, not the town in Iowa) with her two daughters. I went out and had a drink with her and The Guy's ex-girlfriend and another friend last night. The Guy already planned to meet his mom for dinner, so he couldn't make it. Some people think it's bizarre that this town is so incestuous and that I hang-out with The Guy's exes, but I liked them before I started dating The Guy, so why would I stop liking them now? I can't help it if The Guy has excellent taste in women.

it is Homecoming for Stinky. She doesn't have a date, so she will go with a group of other people going stag. I don't know if she really wants me to take photos this year, she said something about just taking my camera for the night. We'll see.

I think I'm going to try my first Cyclocross race this weekend. Eek! Wish me luck.

On Sunday, I'll head to Ames and watch Coadster in her first choir concert of the semester.

Whew! I'm tired just contemplating it all.


rel said...
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rel said...

Good Luck!!!
{it's a spelling thang.}

silly rabbit said...

Good luck on the cyclocross!

I think it is great that you and the guy's exes all get along. Family is family, even when they split or are temporary. It shows that he is a nice guy who holds no immature hostilities and you are the great gal that you are!

laura b. said...

I love that picture :)
Hope your cyclocross went well. Looking forward to hearing about that and your other activities.
And I agree with you about the exes, especially the ones you knew before getting together with the guy. Why would they suddenly not be your friends?

dmarks said...

Good luck in Cyclocross!

NoRegrets said...

nah, you never feel tired. And fairly weird you hang out with the exes, but great too!

Mnmom said...

Your sporting life amazes me - I wish I could be more active like you.

So neat that my daughter's papers are crossing your desk! We are destined to meet someday. Both twins are applying to IOWA and one is applying to ISU.