Friday, October 07, 2011

That's Life. That's What People Say.

Here is my quick and dirty photo expo catch-up.

Stinky had Homecoming last week and Friday's game had them all dressing like hicks... Er, Iowans. Whatever.

Saturday we went to Pella, Ia. - a town of mostly Dutch descendants. It's where they make the windows too.

I did my first cyclorcorss race there. It was fun and scary.

The Guy was wonderful and amazing at helping me figure out how to ride through all the twists and turns without killing myself.

Of course, I liked the parts where I had to run best.

When I got done, I felt like I was going to puke blood. How fun does that sound, huh?

The real Dutch letters are an S shaped pastry filled with marzipan - pure loveliness.

The fake Dutch letters were weird little maze things they made for us to run up and down hills on our bikes on the cyclocross course. Not so lovely.

After the race, we went to beautiful downtown Pella and ate Mexican food, bought pastries and wandered around a bit before going home.

Here is Stinky making what looks like wannabe gang signs for her Homecoming photos (quaint) but really stands for Work Crew, from the camp Stinky went to this Summer. How even more Iowan of her.

On Sunday I went to Ames to Coadster's choir concert and it was fine. It was one of those things, where I drove for 4 hours to watch Coadster sing in a gigantic choir for 15 minutes. I couldn't tell which one she was, but she saw me arrive and it made her happy and that's all that really matters, right?

Stinky got her braces put on Tuesday. I have no idea how exactly we'll pay for them, but I'm nothing, if not good at creative financing.

Anyway, things are good and busy and stressful and fun and scary and expensive and wonderfully full...About what anyone would expect from their life.


rel said...

YAY, You survived and only THOUGHT about puking blood.

laura b. said...

Cyclocross looks crazy! I better stick to pastries and maybe throwing up fake gang private of course...this is Los Angeles.

silly rabbit said...

My goodness! You amaze me so often when I come here. I did have to laugh that you went to a Dutch town and ate Mexican! (I would have too.)
You are also an amazing mother... and you are right, its the showing up and being there that matters, not how long you watch. She will remember that act of love forever.
Good job on the race, even if it sounds like torture!

NoRegrets said...

Wow, those pastries look and sound amazing! And I"m surprised she's getting braces on so late. Seems they do it in 5th grade these days...
Glad you survived the race! Gotta research what it's all about. Not that I would do one...