Monday, October 10, 2011

We Could Get Together for Some Scenes

Here I am climbing around on rocks and things.

This weekend just flew by again.

It's pretty nice to date a guy who will actually swing on the swings with you.

My sister and her kids came to stay with us on Friday night. The Guy had never met my sister before. We had a nice little chat, but then my sister had to get to a party and The Guy and Coadster and I went out for sushi. Coadster was in town just for about 24 hours, so it was nice to get to hang out with her again. We got home from dinner and watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Parts of it were hard to watch, but I thought it was interesting and I didn't get it figured out, like I do with some mysteries.

A couple of wacky cousins.

On Saturday, we woke up and tried to be very quiet not to wake up all of our guests. We went on the screened-in porch with our coffee and tea to watch the sun rise. After the kids rose, we all went to Village Inn for breakfast. Then we took the kids for a walk down the bike path behind our house and to the park.

The kids playing chicken on the monkey bars.

After all the kids left, I went for a run and The Guy went for a bike ride. The Guy also took a bunch of air conditioners to the dump, leftover from the previous owner and now we actually have tons of space in our storage area. Hurray.

The Guy running with his bike up the stairs at a cyclocross race.

In the evening, I grilled salmon and heated up a package of mushroom.spinach risotto and saute'd some zucchini and Summer squash for dinner. It was over 80 degrees here, so I felt like I had to at least grill something.

We watched a movie called Hell on Wheels - a documentary about the 2003 Tour de France. It was actually really interesting.

The Guy riding against a beautiful Fall backdrop in Iowa.

On Sunday The Guy and I went to Cedar Rapids for a race. The weather was wonderful again, and I really liked the course. Then, when I went to race, I jumped off my bike and was getting ready to carry it over a barrier, when I slipped on a leaf and over exaggerated my arm movement and popped my shoulder out a little. I popped it right back in, and got back on my bike to keep going, but it hurt too much to continually lift my bike up and had to drop out of my race.

My shoulder is fine and The Guy asked one of the sports docs in his office and he said I should be fine and will probably be able to race this weekend. Hurray!

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