Friday, October 21, 2011

Raise the Roof and Have Some Fun

Here is a pretty bridge over pretty leaves. Fall is pretty in Burlington, Iowa.

So, my alone time, sitting on my ass watching Dexter last night was very lovely. I feel recharged and ready to take on the weekend activities.

Me hopping on my bike after jumping over a barrier.

The weekend activities look like this:

Tonight - get off work, frost pumpkin bars, pick-up a girl or two, run to a quick pumpkin carving party, leave a half hour later, pick-up The Guy, head to a sushi dinner with another couple, come home, pass-out.

Saturday - Wake-up, eat breakfast, get bikes and selves ready, head to a cyclocross race in North Liberty, race, come home, possibly nap, meet up with brother and sister-in-law and a couple of others for dinner, come home, pass-out.

Sunday - Wake-up, eat breakfast, get bikes and selves ready for the second day of the bike race in North Liberty, race, come home, head to a friend's house to help her work on her house, come home, pass-out.

Got it? Good.


laura b. said...

I see a lot of passing out and I approve of that ;-) Hope you're having a great weekend, Churlita!

silly rabbit said...

A busy and fun weekend to be sure. I am so behind in my Dexter! We don't get it here, but it is on my "On Demand". Thanks for the reminder that I need to sit and catch up.

MrManuel said...

Well, I see that in the 2 months away from blogging I had, you are still the busiest person I know!