Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cause the Free Wind Is Blowin' Through Your Hair

Toasting to The Guy's Health and happiness.

I think I'm still recovering from this weekend. It was great and wonderful and, as always, we tried to cram as much into it as possible.
me at the derby with my favorite roller girl.

On Friday, I got home and Thy Guy and I went to work on the house. We went through every room and our storage area in the attic and the backyard and the garage and made a list of everything we wanted to get rid of, then we made a big pile in the garage with it. We also ripped up the icky carpet in Coadster's old room and threw that in for good measure.

I made tempeh reubens and salad and soup for dinner and watched a little Andy Griffith before we went to bed. Stinky was in the Quad Cities with her youth group and it sounds like she had a lot of fun there.

The Guy giving me some sugar at the derby.

We slept in until 7:30'ish on Saturday when Stinky pounded on the door, back from her youth group all-nighter thingy. She informed us that our friend S. was outside with his truck as well. The Guy and S. loaded up the pick-up and headed to the dump and to the architectural recycle store, and I took the cans and bottles back and ran another errand or two.

We got back and and got ready for our celebratory one year after The Guy's accident bike ride. We went to our friends' house. They just moved here from the Czech Republic and brought out this really good plum brandy, so we could toast The Guy. Very nice. We met up with some other friends, and rode our bikes to Hills for some Mexican food and back home for a nap.

The Guy running his bike up a hill.

Saturday evening, we picked up G. and headed to the roller derby. It was tons of fun and we drank beer and took dorky pics. When it was over, we dropped G off at a bar downtown and went home to bed, so we could get up early on Sunday.

Me all cheeky before the start of my race.

We headed to Burlington on Sunday morning. It was colder and sprinkled on and off, but the course was nice and easy, compared to some of the others. I raced the second full cross race, and I was much better at some things. I had a migraine and took my meds, which makes me spacey and my legs weak, but I felt like I was better about certain skills than I have been in other races. I didn't come anywhere close to winning, but I wasn't last and I learned a lot and had fun.

Me running my bike up a hill.

On Sunday evening, The Guy, Stinky and I finally ate dinner together. It wasn't anything all that exciting - just quesadillas with beans and guac and salsa and stuff to put on them, but it was great to hear all bout Stinky's weekend.

After dinner, I took Stinky to her youth group meeting and The Guy and I settled down to watch A Fish Called Wanda. It was a nice relaxing way to end a crazy busy weekend.


laura b. said...

Great ways to celebrate a year post-accident. I'm sure it is the fact that they guy is so active that allowed him to heal so beautifully.
I always love your pictures, Chulita. You're all the cutest :)

silly rabbit said...

Ha! I enjoy roller derby. =:] Feisty women on skates are hard to beat. Kind of like feisty Churlita on her bike. Sounds like a great weekend for sure.

rel said...

Golly, you guys do fill up your weekends with excitment. Makes the relaxing times all the more enjoyable.