Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Head Keeps Spinnin'. I Go to Sleep and Keep Grinnin'.

Here is a fallen tree. Pretty.

So, if you can't tell by the minimal postings on my blog, things have been crazy, busy here. We started working on the floors in Coadster's old room, but got sidetracked by practicing cyclocross and raking leaves and living our lives and everything else.

Tonight The Guy will be at his mom's house and Stinky will be at work until 10. I considered working on the floors while I'm home by myself, but then started thinking about how crazy busy we'll be tomorrow and the weekend and, and, and...I decided I needed a night to relax. So, my version of relaxing is to go running after work, bake some pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and then sit on my ass and watch some episodes of the new season of Dexter I have recorded. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body, when it tells you to sit on your ass, right?


NoRegrets said...

yes indeed. listen and enjoy!

dmarks said...

Pumpkin bars sound good. Please place the recipe you use, sometime.

laura b. said...

Dexter trumps floors! Anyway, we all deserve some "me" time.