Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby

Me and Stinky in the early '90's.

So, today is Stinky's 18th birthday. Where the hell did the time go? She has always been so sweet and salty. She's smart and funny and silly and open and lazy and a boundary pusher and a lover of attention (both good and bad) and I wouldn't have her any other way.

We normally go out for dinner for our birthdays, but there is a football game she wants to go to instead. Tomorrow, Stinky is going to have some friends over for pizza, a fire, some movies and a sleepover. We wanted to take Stinky out for her birthday when Coadster and her boyfriend were here on Saturday night, but Stinky works until 10. Wah. We're still working on finding an evening for that.

This morning, The Guy was telling Stinky that turning 18 used to mean that you got all of your freedoms, like being able to drink legally. Stinky interrupted him and said, "Yeah. Now it means that you can smoke legally, buy porn and go to a strip club." Wow. It sounds like she's got her work cut out for her today.

Happy Birthday, Stinky Boo Bear!


silly rabbit said...

Happy birthday to Stinky!
Crap, the time does go so fast. I clearly recall looking at my babies and thinking I wonder what they will be like... and having it be beyond my imagination. All four of them have made me very proud, but that 18th birthday was very sweet and a bit sad for each one.
I hope she has a fantastic time.

laura b. said...

Happy Birthday to Stinky! I love that photo :) When Girlie Girl turned 18 last Jan. her thing was that she could buy scratchers (stupid lottery tickets). That didn't last long, thank goodness.

The Tame Lion said...

Lovely! Gorgeous!
Happy Birthday !!

Pamela said...

Happy birthday to her! And you look just the same as you did then.

rel said...

Wow, I didn't realize how close in age Stinky and I are: she's one day older than me. Well minus 48 years. :)
Happy birthday stinky. When I turned 18, in NY state, you could drink legally, there was no limitation re: age to buying cigarettes, and porn was pretty mild, extremely so by today's standards. I didn't know what a strip club was until I joined the Navy and went to Chicago.