Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So I Go a Little Overboard, but Hang Onto the Hull

The awesome cyclocross wheels The Guy built me. Pretty.

I really meant to post yesterday, but couldn't on account of the Fall work retreat that went WAY too long yesterday. So, let's see what I can do today.

This weekend was wonderfully long. On Friday, The Guy and I had shrimp fajitas and black beans and de gallo and guac and it was lovely. We watched the old sci-fi movie, Them as well. You know how much I love my camp...

Me trying to make the fringe from the pool table look like Rick James bangs, and Bry spazzing out in front of the camera.

On Saturday, I got up and went running. I heard some thunder in the distance, but it looked like it might stay to the North of us. By the time I got back and The Guy and I found a park to practice some cyclocross, it started pouring. We sat under the shelter at the park and waited to see if it would let-up but then finally gave up and rode our bikes home in the rain. I did work on some mounting and dismounting on my bike and realized I have SO much work to do before my first race.

The rest of the day we spent cleaning and cooking for our dinner party that evening. I made a bunch of appetizers, like baked brie and blue cheese stuffed olives and roasted garlic and guacamole and chips and got things ready to grill. I made two kinds of salmon - garlic butter and brown sugar/dijon glazed salmon and many veggie packets. We took a break to swim laps and then came home got things ready to make mojitos.

It was a lovely dinner. I didn't have things timed as well as I would've liked, so I ended up spending more time manning the grill and making people mojitos and less time laughing and shooting the shit with my friends. Lesson learned. I also drank a mojito or two too many. It was really hard not to.

The Guy's face eclipsing mine.

On Sunday we were supposed to get up early and do the triathlon course again, but the rain brought in a cold front and the mojitos had me singing, "hangover, hangover. Send Churlita right over...." So, I did a lot more relaxing and lying about than I had originally planned. Instead, we went to Menards and I got some tulip and crocus bulbs that were way on sale to plant in the next month and a few little things for our house.

At 7 we met some friends at a pool hall where we can play for free and had a fine, incredibly silly time. Nothing wrong with that.

On Monday we finally did the biking part of the triathlon course. It was still WAY too cold to swim. Even with the holiday, there wasn't anybody at the beach. We got home and The Guy took me on a trail run. I normally just run on the sidewalk, but we went to Hickory Hill Park and it was actually pretty cool. I had to pay attention, which has never been one of my strong suits, but it was very pretty and rugged and kick-ass and I may start doing that more often.

We ended the night with the Monday Night Ride and that was a great time as well. All the goodness does make it harder to go back to cubicle world sometimes, though.


rel said...

Talk about raining on your parade:
Saturday morning my river was like a sheet of glass with a romantic mist up river. I paddled 45 minutes up river and was surprised by a thunder and lighening squall which chased me all the way home.

laura b. said...

So glad you found someone who can match your pace! You guys really keep each other on the move.
I have heard tell of this cold front, but it hasn't show its face around here.

silly rabbit said...

Rained out! But it sounds lovely anyway. You and the guy seem like a perfect combination.
Unfortunately our trouble here is the heat keeping us trapped inside and looking out the windows wistfully.

NoRegrets said...

Can I come to one of your dinner parties??