Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Look at the Floor and I See it Needs Sweeping.

The beach where I trained on was pretty damn empty during the Iowa/Iowa State game last weekend.

I got quite a bit done this weekend. The Guy was sick, and I had a lot of time by myself, so I kept busy. On Friday we cooked trout on the grill and steamed asparagus and fried potatoes in garlic butter and rosemary. Then we watched the movie, Inception. The Guy had never seen it, and I thought all the action might keep him from falling asleep, but he said it did make him a little tense. Hey, at least he wasn't bored, right?

Me getting ready to put my bike in the car and then run a 5K'ish.

On Saturday, I got up and tried to get some practical stuff done and then ran an errand then finally went to the reservoir to train. I wandered around and took a few pictures before I started, then I swam (that open water swim will probably be the toughest part of the tri for me. The bike ride came next, and it's a route I normally do, so I feel pretty comfortable with it. I took another photo or two and put my bike and stuff away, before I started the run. A lot of the run is on a trail. I'm not sure of the exact route, so I winged it, and because I'm me, I got a little lost. Of course, it was a perfect day, and a beautiful trail, so it didn't bother me to wander/run around in the woods. It just took a little longer.

I got home in time to eat pizza and watch an Andy Griffith episode with The Guy before I went to my friend's treehouse party.

Me climbing up out of the trap door and into the top floor of the awesome treehouse.

Of course, by the time I got to the party, I had already worked-out for almost 3 hours and had some pizza, so I could have easily just stayed home and relaxed,(read: slept) but I did want to go and see my friends, so I made it through two drinks and a couple of hours before I went home.

The Guy and I watched a cheesy bike racing movie called, American Flyers. Kevin Costner with a pornstache. Need I say more. There were some cool cycling close-ups and there was plenty to laugh about with it, so I was very entertained.

Some of the boys at the party played some RAWK! music and G. and I decided that if they were going to play old Motley Crue, then we should at least do some head banging.

On Sunday, I got a ton of stuff done. I painted Coadster's room. I still have to paint the trim, but the walls are done and she picked out a really pretty silvery, purple color. So far, it looks really nice. I did some gardening and swept about a million acorns off of our back deck and then mowed the lawn - all before 12:30. After my chores were done, I went for a ride. I went back to the triathlon cycling route and extended it some more. It felt great.

The rest of the afternoon, I relaxed. I read my book on the porch for a bit, until my brother called, and I finally talked to him for a bit, and then The Guy took Stinky and I out for sushi. We got to hear about Stinky's trip to visit her sister in Ames and how much fun she had there.

By the end of the weekend, I think The Guy was finally feeling a little better and we had a nice talk. Now, I just hope I don't get sick right before the triathlon...


rel said...

Wow, you are one busy girl.
FYI. My daughter is visiting your fair city this week. She's attending a Veterans Administration health conference. She's at the Sheridan. She mentioned eating at "The Barn?" last night.

laura b. said...

Rock n Roll!

So The Guy is feeling better? I hope you stay well :) Hydrate and get plenty of rest!!!

silly rabbit said...

Glad the guy is feeling better! I had to laugh at "pornstache" we call those "molester mustaches"... either way they are so sleezy!
I love the idea of a tree house party.

NoRegrets said...

You have the same hair!!!
All I did was volunteer and go out to dinner and biking and climbing...