Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Try This Trick and Spin it, Yeah.

Interesting sign, eh?

So, the birthday week last week went well. On The Guy's birthday, he got up early to take his mom to her cataract surgery. While she was getting operated on, he and I went to a nearby park and worked on our cyclocross skillz. He is one of those types who obsesses about a thing and studies it, until he can do it very well. I am one of those annoying people, who go out and tries a thing without studying it and flails around like an idiot until I either get it or don't. The Guy is a very patient teacher as well. He was great about talking to me about what I need to do to mount and dismount my bike and do a bunny hop and a million other things. I think I finally understood how to do a few of those things by the end of our training session.

We picked his mom up from her surgery and went to her house, where The Guy made us omelets (his idea) and they were very good. Then we went home and took a nap. Yea!

Our plan was to ride our bikes to Oxford and eat at the Cajun fusion restaurant there, but after a couple of flat tires, not far from our home, we decided to got a shorter route to Solon and back, and just stop quickly at a bar. The ride was very nice and we shared an order of cheese fries and had a beer at the Solon Station before we headed back. On the way home, I said, "I don't know if it's because I'm not quite over my cold or drinking that beer, but I'm feeling very slooooow."

The Guy responded, "Really? And you're not going to blame the cheese fries at all for that?"

"Uh, no. Cheese fries are always blameless and beautiful." The rest of the ride home was a little scary, because the damn deer kept jumping out in front of my bike and I had to make a total ass out of myself by yelling and waving my arms at them.

The Guy decided he wanted Paglias pizza for dinner, and then we ended the day with a raspberry cheesecake. He said he had a wonderful day.

Stinky at a football game on her birthday.

Stinky went to a football game on her actual birthday, but then had a pizza party on Friday. I went with her to the store to get all the crappy food and soda she wanted and set up a fire in the firepit, so all she had to do was light it when she was ready.

We took off for an hour or so, to give her and her friends the run of the house, without our heads exploding. When we got back, all the girls were hanging out in the kitchen, talking and being silly. They were all very sweet and polite and even when they went outside to have a fire, I only had to remind them once to keep it down a little, so they wouldn't freak out our older neighbors. Stinky said the girls all liked the idea of going out and socializing, but still being able to wear sweatpants. According to Stinky, She had a wonderful party.

I'm glad everyone was happy and that this week has been a little more mellow. Ahhhh.


rel said...

raspberry cheesecake makes everything better.

laura b. said...

I'm glad to hear that everyone had birthdays that pleased them. I wish that for everyone everywhere!

And you're right about the cheese fries. They are always beautiful and blameless.

silly rabbit said...

Ha. I will remember that cheese fries are a free from guilt food.

What a great week of celebrations. Your gaggle of girlies behaving so well is another sign of how much yours has grown up. Sigh. That's wonderful.

Here deer season opens on Saturday... those may be our deer looking for a good place to hide. Sorry about that. =;]

NoRegrets said...

A fire pit is a great thing...

You need to eat fried cheese curds.