Monday, February 28, 2011

That Ain't Working. That's the Way You Do It

Coadster with her guy.

So, kids...It was a busy weekend and then I had a migraine on Sunday night and therefore, no blogging was done. Alack and alas.

Today though. Today was just fine. I spent most of the day helping Coadster do her financial aid through texting. I know. It was weird and annoying. She just wanted me to do it for her, but my orphan issues make me make her do it herself. I told her much of her life will include filling out papers (online, whatever) and the sooner she learns to deal with it and not put it off until the last minute, the better. Still not what she wanted to hear, but she did sit down and do it and thinks she'll get about $3000 in grants. Not bad for a few hours of work.

Anyway. I guess she doesn't have to like it now, but hopefully she'll appreciate me not just doing everything for her, so she can do stuff for herself when she's older. I'll guess we'll see....Maybe I better start saving for her therapy bills now.


rel said...

I don't think my kids every thanked me, but they're all responsible adults today: go figure.

Pamela said...

She looks great!

My mom did my forms for me, and I think I turned out fairly well. ;-)

laura b. said...

I get it, I stand by to assist, but they need to learn to do these things.
Glad you're feeling better.

booda baby said...

I have vague memories of having left this comment before, probably the last time you wrote about making the girls do their own paperwork.

A lot of headache in my life would havebeen avoided if I'd been allowed to handle my own documents. I wanted to, but when someone swoops in, brushing you aside. well ... you'll (me'll) let them. Stupid.

You've done good. They will need no therapy. They will need to give you a gift.

Tara said...

What a nice-looking couple!