Thursday, February 10, 2011

But Friday Never Hesitate...

Here are some things that have frozen over.

Sorry I didn't post last night. The guy and I had a wonderful evening together, but we wanted to swim early in the morning, so I didn't have time.

Now, onto the weekend...Stinky is going to spend Friday night in a cabin with some of her other single girlfriends as their own little anti-lovey, anti-coupley, anti-Valentine's Day celebration. They plan to bring snacks, have fondue and play board games. It sounds like a perfect idea to me. The guy and I are going to make pan seared scallops, artichokes, salad and bread. We also want to watch some disturbing movies in our own anti-Valentine's Day weekend celebration. Just because we're happy in our relationship, doesn't mean we can't still be cynical in general, right?

Saturday morning we want to get up fairly early. I'll probably make a quiche and some potato pancakes and fill our bellies before we go skiing. It's finally supposed to get into the 30's around here. I'm happy it isn't so mind numbingly cold, but that means we won't be able to ski after this weekend until it snows and gets cold again. So, we figure we'll eek out as much skiing as possible before that happens.

I'm not sure what I'll do the rest of the weekend. After how fun the last couple of weekends have been, I'm excited to see how it pans out.

How about you all? Are you celebrating an anti-holiday or soaking up some snow this weekend?


Tara said...

Well since V-Day lands on Monday, I'll be going to choir that night. "Being Human" is on Sci-Fi later that night, though, so I'll probably have some wine and watch the show about a vampire, werewolf and ghost living together. :)

A friend of mine gave me some hightop sneakers with hearts on them. I need to wear those to choir.

laura b. said...

Sunday will be a busy day for me, with family stuff. I wish I would have taken Monday off...

Your weekend sounds fantastic. Have a great couple weekend!!!

SkylersDad said...

A rare night to a movie tonight for Kathy and I!