Thursday, February 03, 2011

But I Can Live and Breathe and See the Sun in Wintertime

College co-eds sledding down the alley behind my office on lunch trays they stole from the dorm food service.

Hey, what do you know...My second post in one day. This week seems like it went ridiculously fast. Maybe that damn blizzard upset the time space continuum.

They seemed to work very well.

I'm going to bed early tonight to rest up for the weekend. Tomorrow night The guy and I are meeting some friends for sushi. Stinky doesn't get off work until 8, so we should be easily done in time to pick her up.

I loved this girl's Ernie hat.

Saturday at noon, we're going Cross-country skiing with our friend Bry and anyone else who decides to show up. I'm excited to see what it's like to ski on this much snow. In the evening, the guy and I are going to Orchard Green restaurant for a nice dinner and wine. It should be lovely and relaxing after a day of skiing.

Throwing down another tray....Er, sled.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing on Sunday. I'm assuming I'll ski at some point and possibly swim. I haven't decided if I'll make an effort to watch the big game or not.

Right now, I plan on resting my arms, since they're about to fall off from shoveling snow for 3 hours yesterday. It's one hell of a work-out...

What are your plans? Will you be recovering from shoveling or getting right back out and tiring yourself out in the snow?


rel said...

Shoveling is certainly a great work out.
Me? I'm going to nurse my cold.

Tara said...

That hill looks fun, but I hope they were able to put the brakes on before they hit the car parked down at the end! :)

I think I'm going to the mall with some friends tomorrow. There's a new shop one of them wants to show me that is supposed to sell bellydancing gear. Should be interesting!

booda baby said...

It's hard to get a better than 'time space continuum.' If I could use that once a day, I would.

Strange thing, I think. The blizzard doesn't LOOK all that blizzardy. I wonder why that is? Maybe I've mustered alll my brain cells to run away from the mere idea of it.

Mnmom said...

So you work in Calvin? My girls have IOWA at the top of their list right now.

My weekend will involve working and laundry. And some football-y thing happening on Sunday.

Brando said...

Hopefully not getting rid of more snow. It took me three hours on Wednesday and that was with a snowblower.

MrManuel said...

You're so cool. Even when it is too cold to be training and doing all the running you do, you find something else like cross country skiing. You rock!

laura b. said...

I'm just gonna agree with MrManuel and say - You rock!

SkylersDad said...

We used to slide on trays from our school cafe also!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

We managed pretty well here after the 2 ft of snow.. good neighbours to help dig us out..

BHM is home till Sunday and relaxing and watching some vids..