Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lifting My Head. Looking Around Inside

Here is a snowy sign at one of our museums. It's hard to remember what it was like to have that snow around now.

So, yeah. I was bad and didn't blog again last night. Sometimes it's hard to fit it in on Wednesday nights. I made squash soup that was heavenly and Greek salads and we had Calamata olve bread and split a bottle of wine. We had a great talk in the kitchen and lost track of time. We finally realized how late it was, and well, I didn't have time to blog.

Tonight was nice too. It was close to 60 degrees when I went running and it felt so nice and weird all at the same time. I started making drunken beans or frijoles borrachos that we'll eat for dinner tomorrow night along with our shrimp fajitas and guacamole and salsa de gallo. I'm ready to eat all of that right now, actually.

The rest of the weekend is a crap shoot. We haven't really talked about what we'll do, so it will be interesting for all of us to read about it on Sunday and find out what went down.

How about you all, good bloggers? Will you be eating food or shooting crap?


MrManuel said...

It was much to rainy here to run outside so I drove to my parents' to use the treadmill. I guess that is dedication or something. A treadmill sure doesn't compare though!

rel said...

So let's see, you didn't blog 'cause you were cooking, drinking wine and eating, having great face to face talk....
Hmmmm, So your saying you've got a life? :)

laura b. said...

It is nice to read from someone happy and too busy to blog.

I have a feeling I will be getting my heart broken at some point this weekend. Not too psyched.

Tara said...

My stomach grumbles each time you post something about the food you make. You cook up a tasty storm!

My mom and I were supposed to go to JC Penney to shop for some clothes, but we weren't in the mood this weekend. I took her to Lowe's so she could buy some project supplies, and then we had lunch at a nearby Mexican restuarant.

dmarks said...

Drunken beans? Never heard of that. Are you the drunken master of the drunken beans?