Monday, February 21, 2011

I Was Getting Ready to be a Threat

Here are my Valentine's Day flowers, more close-up.

So, my night was tons of fun. The Guy and I went to the Dublin and met Bry and my favorite bartender, S. We had a drink and then headed to Mickey's to eat. We had a great time...Even if most of it included the guys making fun of my orangutan like qualities (big cheeks and long arms) and being so loud and obnoxious that we'll have to wait a while to go back there again.

While I was having a great time, Stinky was starting her evening off at work in an interesting way. She got there and saw 6 cop cars and police swarming the parking lot. Apparently, some woman went to the store, bought groceries, but then hid a bunch of liquor in her baby's stroller. Then when she got caught, she started attacking the store managers in front of her 2 year old. Classy.

So, poor Stinky got the worst of this night...But at least she wasn't bored at work, right?


rel said...

A truth is stranger than fiction moments.
"how dare you turn me in for stealing from you!"

Tara said...

Jeez, that sounds like an episode of "Cops"!

SkylersDad said...

But who among us hasn't used our kids to steal?



laura b. said...

Orangutan like qualities! haha! A bit of a stretch there, gorgeous, but all in good fun :-)

When Girlie Girl was working at the supermarket, booze was the main thing people would get caught stealing.

booda baby said...

Always entertaining, our different points of view. I think Stinky got a really good part of the night.