Wednesday, August 06, 2008

There's Always Something Happening and it's Usually Quite Loud

Well, kids. We're finally back from our travels. It was a great trip, but long and not exactly relaxing. I would have done things a lot differently if I had gone without my girls and if I had had a lot more money, but overall, I'd say we did a hell of a lot for the time and monetary restrictions we had. The post tonight will be a mostly photos and a general overview of the trip. I'll try to go back and recount things on a day to day basis in the next few posts. For now, this is what you get:

I finally got to go back and visit my beloved redwoods. And just to prove how much I love them, here's me hugging a big-ass tree with my overly long monkey arms. My friend K. texted me on my trip to tell me that she learned in yoga class that really long arms were a sign of generosity, so maybe they're not all bad.

While we were in King's Canyon, the girls got to hang-out inside a hollowed-out, downed tree. It's on its side and look how tall it still is.

We even met with my aunt and uncle and cousins and got them to take a photo with all three of us in it. That never happens, because usually one of us has to take the pic.

Oh, and just so you don't think I forgot. I took a cool action shot of a hot surfer guy at Half Moon Bay. You know I'm always looking out for my favorite girly blog readers...And I'm sure you'd do the same for me, right?

Mostly, what we accomplished on this trip, though, was some serious dorking-out. We dorked-out on the beach at Carmel.

We dorked-out at Hyde Pier in San Francisco...

And we dorked-out at the arcade off of Hyde Pier. Here's Stinky beating the arm wrestling machine. Although, I think using both hands might just be cheating.

We didn't even need to, (I think the hats said enough) but we gave it 110% by making the dumbest faces we could muster when we were on Pier 39.

And, finally, we truly out-dorked ourselves by posing with comedians at the wax museum. Seriously, if I had any shame whatsoever, even I would be embarrassed at this display of wanton dorkiness. It's a good thing I don't huh?


MrManuel said...

Welcome back. Looks like a great trip. You know what is funny, I have lived in California all my life and I don't believe I have been to the Redwoods...

Not Fainthearted said...

YAy! you're back! Looks like you had a fantabulous trip. memories (and those photos) will last, I tell you!

Glad you had a good time and are home safe 'n' sound.

stepping over the junk said...

one day, that will be me and my girls. right now, we go as far as the beach. or the movie theatre. heh heh. looks like you had fun!

Remiman said...

From the smiles on your faces I think you made the most of every minute.
I'm thinking I'd like to be a Redwood tree. ;-)

Welcome home kiddo! It's good to have you back.

evil-e said...

welcome back from your long strange journey

It looks like the three of you had fun. Dorky face-making is just a sign of a good time, so they are not that dorky.

Trevor Jackson said...

Glad you all had a dorky good time. Wax museums are the best. And redwoods. And vacations.

Leo said...

Good job,'re kids will remember your trip for the rest of their lives. I bet it was kinda scary planning it all by yerself, but you got 'er done and it looks like you had a ball.

Way to go!

Poptart said...

Welcome home! Are you exhausted? Do you have to work today? I LOVE the picture of all 3 of you! Looks like it was fun and you certainly covered a LOT of ground. Can't wait to read more.

Mr Atrocity said...

Some excellent dorking in a variety of locations and some redwood trees all in the one post? You're spoiling us.

NoRegrets said...

yay! welcome back! looks like you had a wonderful time... And in climbing we say you have a high ape index... you should go back to rock climbing.

Susan said...

Thank you for the picture of the surfer dude as I know I repeatedly demanded it leading up to your trip. It looks like you guys had a great time. I'm looking forward to more dorking out pictures.

Tara said...

You tree hugger! :D

Thank you so much for the hot surfer photo! You did think of us! :)

I love the photo with all three of you in the shot.

I'm glad you were able to have some fun, even with monetary restrictions.

girl crush said...

yay! you're home! (insert happy dance here.) i hope you had a fabulous time - i can't wait to hear all about.

i'm coming to iowa city on saturday night for the first time since the wedding. please please tell me you can come out and play!

michelle said...

Welcome home! Looks to me like you made the most of it.

laura b. said...

Welcome back! As you can see, you were missed.

You and your girls are adorable. Anyone can see that you all had a great time.

egan said...

The redwoods are really amazing to see. It's fun to see them. Now I'm going to be a dork and state that you're hugging a coast redwood based on the bark and shape of the tree trunk.

You do have long arms. Impressive. It's not raining at home any longer is it?

Anonymous said...

Your girls are all legs and arms! Like you, I suppose! :) Those pictures were adorable, I'm glad you had fun and I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and hear stories from the trip.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Welcome Back to "The Real World"

Sounds as if you had a cool trip.. I knew it .. You are deep down a Redwood Tree Hugger...

Lynnster said...

Aw, glad you gals had a good trip. Looks like a lot of fun.

Churlita, in that third pic (the one of all three of you) you look younger than your eldest daughter. Gimme some of whatever fountain of youth you have been drinking from!!!

Churlita said...


You should see them. Muir Woods and Santa Cruz are both pretty close to you.


We have great memories and stories. I just wish we had more cash.


It's so much easier to do this stuff when they get older.


we certainly did.


Oh, they're pretty dorky, but also fun, so it's okay.


It was all the best.


Thanks. It was definitely a challenge.


Thanks. I don't work until Monday. Thank god.

Mr Atrocity,

But wait. There's more. You'll be so sick of dorks and redwoods in a few days.


i'd love to if only I had the time and the money for the gear.


I'm glad you liked him. Too bad I couldn't have brought him home for you.


I'm a total tree hugger.

Girl Crush,

Yea. I can't wait to see you. I'll text you and get more deets. Kay?


Thanks. We sure did.

Laura B,

Thanks. That's so sweet of you to say.


They're Sequoia's. Are those coastal redwoods? It hasn't rained since we've been back so far.


Those poor girls. Both their dad and I are all legs and arms. Clothes are hard to fit.


Thanks. I'm not sure how well I'm coping in the real world. I'd like to go back to the beach now.


Thank you. That's so nice. Although, I think it's just that the lighting is very kind there.

dmarks said...

Caption for last one: "Oh God.. Behave!"

Minyo said...

Welcome home! Neato pics! Looks like you had fun making memories together.