Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Hard to Make the Good Things Last

I feel like looking at beach scenes. How about you? Here is a picture of someone's dog all running and spazzy on the beach.

Hey, whaddaya know? It's another three day weekend. This one supposedly commemorates the end of Summer - hence the frolicking beach photos.

What are my plans, you ask? Well, let me lay them on you. This weekend could be really, really great, or really, really bad or just really, really weird, depending on how things pan out. Either way, there should be at least a few "reallys" in there somewhere. Friday is the first home football game at my daughters' high school. They will both attend, but right now, I have no plans. I have a couple of movies to watch, so I might just stay home and allow myself to be entertained.

Saturday I have a"girls' night in" to attend. A couple of my friends have had really rough Summers, so we're just going to hang out in my friend J.'s backyard and eat food and drink cold beverages and get louder and more animated as the evening progresses.

Here is a picture of a fisherman showing me his catch.

Sunday is the day where all the really's come into play. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. B. asked if he could come and visit me the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. It was hard to know how to respond, because he hasn't had the best track record, but after our talk in July, he had been a million times better. He was responding to texts and calling me every Friday night, and so I figured why not. Why not see what happens, after all, Mr. B. is the one guy I've met in forever that I have that thing with. You know that thing that you can't really explain, but you definitely know when it's not there when you meet people. It's not just a physical thing, it's like I wrote when I first met him in Fort Madison in this post here. You feel like you finally met a fellow alien from the same planet. So, I decided it was worth hanging out with him again and finding out if that's all still there after not seeing him for ten months.

Here is a picture of me and Stinky all running and spazzy on the beach.

As it got closer to Labor Day, I wondered if it would really happen. He didn't call me last Friday and by last night when I hadn't heard from him, I was ready to write him off. Then today about five minutes before lunch, I got a call from him. I couldn't answer it, and then he sent me a text that read, "still on 4 sunday?" I went outside and called him back. As usual, we had a great talk. We made plans and talked about what and how we were going to do things. I have the girls that night, but they'll be at our neighborhood block party for most of the evening. So, I think Mr. B. and I will get something to eat and then go for a beer somewhere. Since he lives an hour away, he'll spend the night in my room and I'll sleep on the futon couch in the living room - like any of my friends who stay with me would.

Now all that's left to do, is wait and see if it really happens. He said the only thing that would keep him away, would be if his ex-wife decided not to take her son when she was supposed to. Having my own unreliable ex, I know how that goes. He's going to call me on Saturday night after he drops his son off to let me know how it went. So, anyway. By Sunday evening, I'll know for sure which of the really, really's I'll be dealing with.

How about you all? Are you expecting your long weekend to be really, really something, and if so what?


Remiman said...

I have call tonight, but Mon. off... so not such a long weekend.
Our daughter is coming for a visit.

Goodluck with Mr. B.

evilesb138 said...

Hopefully all goes well for you and Mr. B. May the x take the boy and allow a nice weekend.

Me and Renee have a few things on the agenda, but nothing too major. I probably have to make an appearance at work one of the three days. (people need to get paid)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Tthe guy with the fish looks like he wants to take you both

we have no real plans.. Monday we go see my Mother for her Birthday.. That ought to be really really interesting....

Hope your plans go the way you want them too..Really

Anonymous said...

My really really really long weekend gets an extra really since I'm taking Tuesday off. I have a graduation party to attend on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday. Have a good weekend and good luck with Mr. B.

Tara said...

Going out to eat with my friend Ksra before she heads off to the airport, then tomorrow will be sleep-in day and who-knows-whatelse-day, Sunday I'm going shopping with my mom and Monday I plan on sleeping in. All other plans are sketchy. :) Yours sounds really fun. Enjoy watching your movies, too!

That dog in the first photo reminds me of my brother's first dog who was an Irish Setter named Sunshine. Beautiful dog.

NoRegrets said...

Good luck!
I'm having a reallllly long weekend. In fact, it'll last a week. yay!

Poptart said...

Good luck with Mr. B!! And the girls night sounds great. Have a good wknd!

Susan said...

My weekend is most likely going to be really, really drunk. I've sort of wrote TDPR off as a guy in my life so it has the potential to be really, really flirty too. :)

dmarks said...

I've had a bunch of days off lately, so Monday is like any other. But maybe a cookout!

DJSassafrass said...

Interesting...good luck. You deserve a fanastic drama-free weekend. Let's chat soon about grabbing beers of our own!

Mr Atrocity said...

Hope your weekend turns out really really great.

Churlita said...


Sounds like a nice weekend.


it sounds nice and mellow for you two.

I'm hoping all those same things too.


I hope your family visit doesn't bring too much weirdness or drama.


Oooh. A four day weekend sounds even nicer.


We had an Irish Setter when I was growing up. You just don't see them very much anymore.


Yea! You really, really need it.


You too. it will be interesting to see how things go here.


Flirty and drunk? That's one of my favorite combinations.


Cookout - mmmmm.


I'm sure I'll need a good drunken girl gab session next week.

Mr. Atrocity,

And also with you.

MrManuel said...

Well, I hope it all goes well with you and Mr. B. I will keep fingers crossed

Tera said...

Oh I do love the beach badly I need to be there right now...right this very moment.

As far as my weekend, I'm going to chill with the boys...and crash somebody's barbecue. I just haven't decided whose yet!