Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is Why Events Unnerve Me

Here is a picture of a guy cooking crabs on the Embarcadero.

Do you ever have that where you go through your day, and everything seems fine? You go to work, and things are pretty normal. Sure, you have to throw your newest rubberband ball at the guy who sits in the cubicle behind you because he's saying stupid things, but that turns out pretty great because you nail him in the forehead. But then later, when you're out with your friends and you start speaking, you realize that you're kind of in a mood.

Well, that's how it was for me today. Part of it was probably that I didn't run after work. It would be my seventh day in a row, and I'm trying to be better about taking breaks. I just wish there was another way to get that free high. I decided to take a quick nap instead. My friend T. called me around 6:45 or so to see if I'd give her a ride to supper club. Of course I would.

We went to Los Portales this week and it just sucked. The service was bad and then there was all this weird bullshit about trying to figure out our checks when we left. So, basically we decided that we wouldn't go back there anytime soon. We were all kind of in a strange space after how weird and pissy the guy running the register was to us.

Then my friend T. asked me if I wanted to hang out for a minute at her place. At first it was nice and we had a great talk, but then I kind of went on a little rant. I have no idea why either, because I was bitching about stuff from the past that I really didn't care about. Really. It was like I couldn't help it, and if there was any way I could have grabbed the words as they were spewing forth and shoved them back into my mouth, I would have. Of course, T. was wonderful and let me go on, but I felt bad about it later on. I just hope T. comes to me next time she's in a mood and wants to vent, because I will totally return the favor.


another good thing said...

I get it. Most friends will. Bad days/moods/spells happen. It sucks, but we need the melodrama, the suckiness to let us have the good days- those unbelievably happy days where everything clicks.

Remiman said...

Bad weather,
Good friends....
It all works out in the end.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I think that is one thing friends are good for.. venting back and forth to one another.. it's good you can do that.. But I hope you get out this mood soon..

evilesb138 said...

I wish I could throw something at this one guy who sits caddy corner to a chair. The guy is a total tool-box douchebag.

those crabs made me hungry....

I catch myself doing what you did to T to Renee sometimes...I try to reel stuff back in because I know she does not want to hear it, but I can't. I guess when the mouth gets a case of the runs you just have to let it out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have had one of those days. It's good to have a friend like T. to listen to you when you do this. Don't feel bad about, a bunch of stuff finally reached its time and needed to be vented.

Tara said...

I miss my former coworker who I could go to in order to vent about work. She'd do the same. We'd close the door and just rant until we were all done.

k_sra said...

been there. done that. times infinity. the "mood" strikes and before you know it, you're like a silent observer as your mouth goes into a kind fo a rant that seems to never end. i'm kind of to the point now where if i sense it coming on i'll clam up and readjust internally before i start talking again. that works... sometimes. : )

Susan said...

We're going on day three of gloomy weather here. With the doubts about the boy looming in the back of my mind and the lack of sunshine I'm worried a mood might find me. When one finds me, though, it tends to hold on for weeks.

Poptart said...

Do you feel better today? Can you call your friend and say something? I am sure she won't mind. It happens to the best of us! Just don't overdo it! And I'm sure you don't!

booda baby said...

Which of us doesn't know that weird sensation after venting - kind of like we ... poisoned something. (Probably helps to define venting: sometimes, we're just FINALLY saying something we've held inside and sometimes we're unleashing ... eeeeek.) Anyway, it was a useful discovery (not that I discovered it. I READ that someone discovered it.) that venting, in fact, doesn't relieve anything but agitates and measurably promotes/increases anxiety, anger, upsettedness.

Weird, isn't it? But kind of helpful.

DJSassafrass said...

I figure most of the time, if you're ranting, you somehow needed to. And friends shoudl never care...I mean, you're not 'crazy rant-tastic girl' right?

NoRegrets said...

I'm sure the favor will be returned.

Minyo said...

Venting is very therapeutic! Sometimes you just need to empty out all that hostility that gets stuck inside.

I think it's way COOL that you nailed the guy in the forehead with your rubberband ball! Did he throw it back? or did he keep it to throw back at you someday when you're least expecting it?

Mr Atrocity said...

Oh the random grumps scare me when I get them. I always think that there must have been something to put me in a mood and when I can't bring it to mind it makes me worse. A good vent does help though.

laura b. said...

The fact that you feel a little bad after venting says more about you than the venting itself. You probably hardly ever do it, so as everyone here agrees, it is a-okay to do it and then just let it go.

Churlita said...


It's true. today was a million times better.


It really does, doesn't it?


Thanks. I'm officially out of it.


I'm sure you don't do it all the time and when you do, I bet she understands too.


Yeah. T. was awesome. I'm not so worried about it now that I've slept on it a bit.


She sounds like the perfect co-worker. EVeryone needs one of those.


Exactly. You should teach a seminar in how to do that. I'd sign up.


My moods are pretty quick and dirty. It was gone by the time I woke up today.


I emailed her and she said she thought I was fine. She's pretty awesome.

Booda Baby,

That's it. I did feel like I poisoned something. I had read that study too. It kind of makes sense for people who are always venting, but there is something kind of therapeutic about it if you only do it once in a while, I think.


No. I don't think so. I just don't see T. very often, so I didn't want the one time I did, to be me being all crabby.


I hope so. I want to be there for my friends too.


It's like you were there. He kept it. He has a few of them now, and i'm a little nervous that he'll nail me with them all at once.


Random grumps is a perfect term for it. I may have to steal that from you.


Thanks. The venting did help. I feel much better today and hopefully, I won't have to do that again for a bit. We'll see how this weekend goes...

Tera said...

I was just thinking I needed to come up with a way to keep myself out of my "evening funk." Perhaps I'll take a stroll or work out or something, but I am tired of feeling this way after 5:30 p.m. :(