Saturday, August 16, 2008

They Never Said Your Name, But I Knew Just Who They Meant

What do you know. I'm actually doing the Saturday Scavenger Hunt thingy. And on time even, I think I do deserve a medal. The word this week was chosen by Evil-E at Random Crap. he chose the word black. Since I love contrasts, I can't show you black without putting something white up against it. I took this photo of a bulldog sitting outside of a record store on Haight Street. He was sitting on a black rug against some black stairs, so it makes him look like he's in a studio or something.

So, yesterday was busy. I took a half day off so I could go running in the perfect weather and then take the girls to get school supplies and then get everything ready for Stinky's end of the Summer sleepover. As usual, it was more tiring, but also much better than being at work.

Last night, all the kids left to play night games at a park. I think I've mentioned this before. They all get together and play kick the can and ghost in the graveyard and these elaborate games of hide-and-seek and I think it's pretty damn cool that kids still do that stuff. While they were gone, I ran downtown for a bit to say goodbye to my friend Rachie who got her first librarian gig at that one university in the UP of Michigan that already claimed my most awesome blogging neighbors last year. Stupid, bad, friend stealing school.

During my walk home, I got a call from the Hitandrun guy. I've decided to change his blog name once again. I understand it's annoying, but this is the last time. I swear. I figured I'd just simplify things and call him MR. B. In real life, I usually address him by his last name, as do most of his friends and his last name starts with a B., so it even makes sense. As you all know, that's not something I do very often - make sense.

So, we talked and Mr. B actually asked me questions about myself and even wanted to know my opinions on parenting and shit that no other guy I know has ever cared about. Of course, it wasn't all business, or else I'd get bored really quickly. We also had this conversation:

Him: I've been working nights, so I go in at midnight and then get home and get my son and fix him food and then maybe get three hours of sleep in before I go back to work. Starting September, though, I'm getting a new job where I'll start working days, so things should be a lot better.

Me: Cool. What's your new job?

Him: Well, I'm gonna be Donna Summer's personal assistant.

Me: Wow. Really? Will you get to wear a gold lame' pantsuit to work?

Him: Of course, and body glitter too.

Me: Lucky.


evilesb138 said...

Hey, he will survive....

I have tagged you as the chooser for next week's word oh by the way...

Well done on the black and posting right on time, very good.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

That last bit was awesome.. lol

great pics.. Love the dog..

booda baby said...

Wellie, well well. Good of him to step up. Pretty fun, that work uniform, too. I'd like a job where I could wear twinkles. I love twinkles. In moderation, of course. Subtle twinkles.

I bet Donna Summers likes them, too.

And speaking of summers, I need your life to keep track of the seasons. I can't BELIEVE it's already over. Last thing I remember, you were bobbing around in chest deep water. And before that, snow drifts. Eeek.

AlienCG said...

Why does the thought of a gold lame' pantsuit just sound ever so creepy? At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

Excellent photo. I like the contrast of the light on dark.

Anonymous said...

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Poptart said...

Wait, he wouldn't tell you his new job? I am, by my nature, suspicious.

Love the pic!!

laura b. said...

Very cool doggie portrait. He could be a star.
I love it that kids still run around being silly after dark, too. Somethings haven't changed so very much.
Mr. B sounds funny, if nothing else :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohh! I love the picture!! I have crazy puppy fever right now, I want one so bad!

And hey, I wouldn't mind wearing a jumpsuit and glitter to work! :D