Thursday, December 01, 2016

Every Day Feels Like Sunday, Baby. Every Day Feels So Good.

This post will basically be a photo essay of my wonderful 4 day weekend.

Every Thanksgiving for the last few years, we have run the local trail race. This year, John was injured and wasn't able to do it, but I ran it, albeit very slowly, but it was a great time. I love the people who run the race and I love getting 4 miles of trail running in before I (over) eat Thanksgiving dinner.

This year Thanksgiving was super chill. John didn't want to clean the house for anyone, so we didn't invite people over except for Stinky and her boyfriend and our friend, Burne. Of course, we ended up cleaning anyway. Both Burne and Stinky didn't make it over until after dinner, so John and I had all the food to ourselves. I try to make a different veggie every year and this year I made marinated beets with bleu cheese crumbles. Some people would absolutely hate it, but that is one of my favorite food combinations,

Since our guests came late, we decided to make fun margaritas to have with our pumpkin cheesecake dessert, It was a smashing idea.

One of my many dilemmas is the whole, outside versus inside one. I love to go outside and play, but I also love the comforts of home and reading and watching movies and listening to music and spanking cats.

...And as you can see, the cats need that discipline. So, for the four day weekend, I tried to balance indoor comfort, with outdoor playing. I'm not sure how well I did, but I definitely tried...

We also tried to balance some alone time, with social time. On Friday, my friend Erika asked us if we could me her, her boyfriend and some of her friends at The Dublin Underground for a beer after the Hawkeye football game. We swam laps, ate some Thanksgiving leftovers and headed downtown. We are so old that it has been probably years since we were downtown after a football game and being there reminded me why - I am clearly too old and too cranky to deal with stupid, drunk college kids. I've known that for a while, but being around them all again, was a memory refresher.

We did stop at Micky's on our way back to our car, because Stinky was working a double and we thought we'd go give her a hard time...You know, so she appreciates her job more after we're gone and no one is harassing her.

On Saturday, we hung out in our clean home and read books and drank tea or coffee and just relaxed before John and I went on our 50 mile bike ride. Coadster was in town for a one afternoon visit, so she and Stinky met us at the Kalona Brewery. We had a lovely lunch and we tipped Coadster off about the Millstream root beer that they have on tap. So delicious.

Saturday night we stayed home and watched the movie, "Captain Fantastic". It had a few issues, but for the most part, I thought it was an interesting look at what you deal with if you try to raise your kids off the grid.

We mountain biked again on Sunday. Our friend Burne joined us and we got almost two hours in before the rain started.

Since it was about 1 o;clock, we decided to get lunch at Big Grove, before heading home. It was our last weekend afternoon, and we wanted to stretch it out as long as possible.

Soooo, we had 4 days, with a clean house, great food, we played outside every day, we got to hang out with friends and my girls, I got some alone time to read books in my lovely reading room and I felt like we had a pretty good balance of essential activities...Although, I was EXHAUSTED by Sunday night.

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