Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Lives are Made in These Small Hours, These Little Wonders, These Twists and Turns of Fate

Life can be full of oddities and little wonders - both good and bad. The last two days of my 4 day vacation, I saw both kinds of wonders. On Friday John and I decided to ride mountain bikes on the trails. As you can see, it was beautiful there. So, me being me, I left my really good and fairly expensive Winter gloves on top of the car when we finished riding. We drove off and when we got home, my gloves weren't in the car. I asked John if he grabbed them and he said, "No." I went back out to the car and saw one of my gloves on the driveway.

Every year in December, the mountain bike trails at Sugar Bottom close for shotgun deer hunting season, so our last chance to ride mountain bikes there for a while, was going to be Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. It was also supposed to rain by 11 or 12 that day, so we headed out to the trails and then found my other glove on a pole so it would be easily seen. Like John said, it's not as weird that my glove was waiting for me at the trails, because most of the mountain bikers are good people, but how bizarre was it that may other glove rode on the outside of our car for over 25 minutes and even down the highway, without falling off until it got to our driveway where I could grab it...

I was happy to have my gloves back, since it was just a little chilly on the beautiful trails by the lake.

And also, since I'm so classy, they're great for nose wiping...

On Saturday, the temps got up into the upper 50's. So, John and I decided to do our 50 mile ride to Kalona and back. It was a great day and a really nice ride.

After we had lunch, we were riding out of Kalona (which has big Amish and Mennonite communities) and we saw a guy with a big, white beard, driving an old fashioned tractor. We all waved at each other (because this is Iowa) and rode on, but then John asked me if I saw what he was dragging behind him. I hadn't (because I don't notice very many things) and when I looked, I saw that he was dragging a dead horse. We turned the corner and saw a buggy on the side of the road and then we noticed a red stripe of blood on the dirt road under us. At first we thought the horse may have been hit by a car, but the buggy looked fine and there wasn't much blood. So, we don't know what happened to the poor horse, but the image of the Santa looking guy pulling a dead horse down the road with his tractor is lingering in my mind this week.

I know that back in the day and even if we lived now, but dealt with livestock, that dead horse would just be part of our lives and we wouldn't feel so badly about it...Or would we? I just hope the horse had a long, happy, life and a quick death.

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that the wonders in my life happen to be small and quirky. I'm just glad that I'm aware of them when they happen. Even when they are sad.

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