Friday, November 11, 2016

There is a Crack in Everything. That's How the Light Gets In

Um, soooo. I'm not sure quite what to say about the elections. I've been angry and in mourning ever since. And it's not because we lost, it's because the snake oil salesman who won has no respect for anyone but himself, is a compulsive liar, has no experience AT ALL, but thinks he can do anything he wants, doesn't care about the environment and has opened the gates of hate toward anyone who isn't a wealthy white male. How did we end up with a president who got his Twitter account taken away because he was such a bully? Also, say goodbye to your lower interest rates, because anytime we have a president who gives tax cuts to the rich (and Trump doesn't even pay his taxes), that shit doesn't trickle down. We always have inflation and recessions and really high interest rates.  Winter is coming...Both literally and figuratively.

I am lucky to be in a relationship with someone who, although he is a white male, understands that he shouldn't be the only one with privilege in our society and so we can talk about what we do now. First of all, we let everyone know that we are here to help anyone who is being bullied or threatened or beaten-up since Trumps rise to power. There was a racial slur spray painted on the door in one of the dorms at the university where I work the night of the election and that is why so many people are exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully protest. We will also work with others to fight any regression in the progress of women and human rights. Also, and most importantly, we will be kind and helpful and support institutions like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU that will work against Some of the things Trump has said he will try to achieve. We are not upset that we lost, but who we lost to and what he plans to do with our country.

I guess on the positive side, the fact that someone like that will be president soon has really stirred up the progressives and artists and writers. Let's hope we all do some good work.

I will get back to regular posts, but you know me, I write about how I feel and think and I'm sure the next four years will cause me to write out against many injustices as I see them. It could be a long and bumpy 4 years...


NoRegrets said...

But it's good to let it out. And keep on keeping on.

Tara Coady said...

Yes. Thanks, Nor!