Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Well, I Walked Through the Mall and I Walked Up and Down

It was such a nice, mellow, weekend, except for my one (almost) fatal mistake. I really needed it. It was colder out and so we didn't get a longer bike ride in. Since John has been having problems with his lower back and hamstrings, he's been doing a lot of yoga lately. Of course, Archie is ever helpful and his "assistance" had given the cow-cat position a very different look. No wonder John is having back problems...

Archie is checking out his form in the downward cat position.
After I woke-up on Saturday, I had some yogurt, granola and raspberries, drank some tea and read my book. I also got a 6 mile run in, which felt so good and was very necessary, since I had decided to go to the big. scary, maul to buy work pants. Of course, I never go to the mall, and I always forget there are certain times to stay far, far away from it...Like, oh, say, one of the December weekends right before Christmas. So, yeah. I went to the mall and it was horrible, awful and very bad. It was full of very large people in very large groups, walking VERY slowly and if I got all crazy and tried to pass them, I would end up in the center of the walkway, where the dreaded kiosk hawkers were who would try to bully me into getting sprayed with some vile scent. Shudder, shudder.

You'll all be happy to know that I made it home okay and into the sharp claws of the cats. I did a little bit of cleaning and cooking and it was such a comfort after my harrowing pre-Christmas mall experience. We swam laps at the rec services building before we went home and ate dinner.

We finished the night off with a movie. "Forbidden Planet" is a 1957 movie with Leslie Nielsen and Walter Pidgeon. It was one of the first sci-fi movies that takes place entirely in outer space. It is cheesy as hell and I really loved it. Shocker.

I woke up to snow on Sunday. It wasn't super cold, so it was the heavy, slushy snow. I ran 5 miles in it and it made me happy. We swam laps later in the day and then our friend, Rob came over for a bit in the evening.

As far as weekends go, we didn't get a hell of a lot done, but it was perfect for me...All except for the damn mall...And the yoga doing cats.

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