Monday, December 05, 2016

My Heart is Dancin' to a November Tune.

Well, it's December already and we got our first snow this weekend. It seems like as good a time as any to do my monthly stats. This month wasn't as productive as last month by any means, but we can't have red letter months all the time...

Miles Biked: 302! It was a damn fine November for cycling.

Running Miles: 62. Meh.

Swimming Miles: 3. I've finally added swimming to my training repertoire. It's been a while...

Books Read: 6. 1) "Dragonfish" by Vu Tran. 2) "Under the Wide and Starry Sky" by Nancy Horan. 3) "Delicious Foods" by James Hannaham. 4) "Thirty Girls" by Susan Minot. 5) "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon. 6) "A Tale for the Time Being" by Ruth Ozeki. Out of all the books I read last month, I liked a "Tale for the Time Being" best.

Blog Posts Written: Only 8.

House Projects Started/Competed: None.

Races: Two. Sadly, that's probably the most racing I've done in one month this whole year. I did a cyclocross race in Cedar Rapids and a trail running race in my own backyard - Hickory Hill Park.

Soooo, not super productive this month, but I got to do so many more bike rides than I thought I would and I rode 5 of my 6 bikes this month. Again, how I always look at things is if I died tonight, what would I be happier that I accomplished, lots of projects or many fun adventures and bike rides. The answer is always the latter.

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