Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I've Been Held Back by Something, Yeah. You Said to me Quietly on the Stairs

This weekend started on a high note...That tubas played. Once a year at Christmas time, tubas come to the campus and play Christmas music and it is lovely. So, that was my lunch last Friday.

Getting home from work and eating veggie tamales, black beans and rice for dinner and watching the movie "Chef" was also great. I thought the weekend could only get better, right?

Wrong. I woke up on Saturday with a (not so) lovely migraine that continued on into Sunday. Which left John to carry the load around the house...And judging by the size of the cat, that is one big job. Poor John.

It snowed some of the weekend and the temps were bearable, and I knew they weren't going to stay that way once we hit the week days. Sigh. So, my plans for running and swimming laps and doing a towny bike ride in the snow on my mountain bike, all went to shit.

What did I do instead? I gave myself a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" for the weekend and read a novel,  watched some movies, made a bunch of food, made a playlist for our DC roadtrip we're going to take next Friday, harassed cats and the grand puppy, watched professional cyclocross on TV and posted stupid crap on FB. I call that a full weekend when you have a migraine...

We did watch a Christmas movie on Saturday night. "Christmas in Connecticut" is so wonderfully cheesy and bizarre. I try to watch that and "The Desk Set" almost every year.

Archie did help with the entertainment part of the weekend. Bike racing is so much more fun to watch with a gigantic cat on the race course. Look out!

We also got to watch one of the grand puppies on Sunday. We took him for a walk in the snow where he flipped his shit over a blow-up snowman. Apparently, he prefers the real thing?

Anyway, this weekend ended up being okay, since I didn't try to push myself to do anything too hard and just let myself relax and get better. Plus, it's almost impossible to get bored when you have pets to entertain you...

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