Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Yes, We Need a Little Christmas. Right This Very Minute.

The Stinky youngest kid and her stinky pup all bundled up for the cold.
Sooo, things are always so weird and usually wonderful in my world. Now, that it's Winter, there are ever more funky little things that I try to take note of. Yesterday, I was riding my bike home in the snow, when another bike commuter came upon me and asked, "So, you running full studs?" I wanted to say, "Of course. I love full studs!", but instead I said, "Yeah. It sure makes my bike heavy, but they're great on the ice." The conversations you have with bicycle geeks...

The other weird Winter thing that happened last week was during the bitter cold, my battery died. Which isn't all that unusual, even with a 4 year old car, because I don't drive it all that much. Sooo, after work last Thursday when it had warmed up to almost 20 degrees, we tried to get it started again. When it didn't go, we had to push it out into the street to try and jump it with John's car. Of course, it was a cold and annoying process. During the middle of this, we noticed two deer crossing the street into the park. One was an 8 point buck, so he was hard to miss...There was also a car that stopped in the middle of our street, so as not to hit said deer. Then they started to drive very slowly past our house. They pulled into the alley, stopped their car. and a mother and her 10'ish year old looking son got out. They walked over and put their hands on the front of my car to help John push it, while I tried to steer it without getting it stuck in the snow on either side of the driveway. Man, it went a lot more quickly with two other people helping.

How nice was that? And what a great kid to help us out when he probably would rather be playing a game on his phone.

Anyway, we finally got the battery charged up and then John drove the car to small towns on the highway to keep its charge. I was made aware once again of how great people can be. Merry Christmas to me.

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