Friday, April 01, 2016

You Can't Climb Across a Mountain so High

Kids, It's been a long week. I haven't been felling the best, but that's to be expected until I get through this whole change of life thing.

At least last weekend was great. We got to ride the mountain bike trails and it I was so much faster and more confident than I was the week before.

There was a little muddy patch getting to one of the trails, so at least I got some good dirt stains.

John and I were just getting over pretty slight colds, so we still weren't blazing any trails, but I remembered more technique than the first time out for the year, and that always helps.

Saturday night was my friend, Ginger's birthday celebration. We met at Moonrakers and had a nice meal and then headed over to Micky's to harass my daughter while she was working and finally to the Dublin Underground where we ran into some good friends who never go out either and JUST HAPPENED to be out at the same time at the same bar. What luck!

So, this weekend, will be interesting. We're supposed to do about a 4 mile trail running race. I have not had the best running experiences as of late, so I'm still going to do it, but if I'm hurting, I'll slow it down and have fun playing in the woods. We also want to finally start road riding. the winds are supposed to be ridiculous, but that hasn't stopped us in the past...

Here's hoping for a healthy happy weekend...For all of us.

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