Friday, April 22, 2016

My Heart is Crammed in My Cranium and It Still Knows How to Pound

I was supposed to do two races this weekend, and yet, I have no race reports. Wah.

It was a rough weekend for migraines and not feeling well. So, on Saturday when I was supposed to do a very hilly 10K running race, I was just too dizzy and weak to do it, but I was still able to go and take photos and cheer John and my friends on.

Lucky for me, my friends are silly and fun and are great for photo ops.

John wasn't super happy with his race. His time was worse than last year and he said he felt crappy the whole run. I wonder a little if he still hasn't quite gotten over his cold yet. He still was 3rd in his category and he loves this course, so he still had a nice morning.

We got home and went to town on Sprunging the Spring and the warm weather. I took 3 big tubs of bottles and cans back to the Can Shed and put the money we got for it in our pizza fund cup. Then we got all the screens out of the garage and replaced all the storm windows - which isn't a quick or easy process when you have a fat orange cat trying to escape every time you open a window....We also did some cleaning and I worked for a little minute in the yard.

I was still hoping to do the 20 mile Time Trial race on Sunday at that point, so I wanted to get in a 2nd ride on the TT bike and check out which sunglasses would work best with my funny looking aero helmet, so I took my time trial bike out on Sand Road and got about 10 miles in.

That night, I made veggie lagasna for dinner and we watched a movie on Netflix streaming called, "Man Up" with Simon Pegg. It was super goofy but we both thought it was pretty fun.

I woke up around 12:30 with a migraine. I got up and took my meds and went back to bed. By 6 am, I got up again and my brain pain was still too bad to race. I thought I might be able to still go to the race and help out and take photos, but after about 5 minutes of trying to walk around, I realized that was a pipe dream I wasn't going to be smoking anytime soon either. So, John took off to the race and I went back to bed.

I woke up again around 10:30 and finally felt better. I decided to just go on a little 3.5 mile run and test my legs and my strength. I wasn't setting any records, but I wasn't doing too badly. I read my book a little and then John got home form his race and I made us black bean quesadillas for lunch.
Since we were both kind of tired but it was a beautiful day and we still wanted to play, we decided to hit the trails at Sugar Bottom.

They were so much dryer and nicer than the week before and we had a great time. It's so nice to go out to Sugar Bottome, because we almost always run into people we know. This time, our friend Todd was out there and we stopped and talked to him for a minute. He told John he was crazy for doing a 10K run on Saturday, a 20 mile TT that morning and THEN riding mountain bikes in the afternoon. He didn't get an argument from me.

In the evening, we ordered a pizza and then John went to play pool with his friend and I watched cheesy TV, ate some ice cream and read my book. Even for a bad migraine weekend, I was still lucky enough to get out and play some and stay home and rest some. Balance!

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