Thursday, April 07, 2016

Round Here We Stay Up Very, Very, Very, Very Late

On Tuesday I had originally planned to take a vacation day and ride my bike. As it got closer, the weather got crappier. The I decided to use that day to get some work done around the house and just rest. As I've mentioned before, I haven't been feeling the best lately, and I've had a hard time sleeping, so I feel exhausted and dizzy much of the time. So, I figured a rest day might do me good. Then on Monday, I found out that my newest grand puppy got into something and spent the night in the puppy ER. You would think that a puppy that small wouldn't be able to get into anything, but puppies are like babies, they seem to be able to defy gravity and somehow gain the power of flight to access all the things that are oh, so very bad for them.

I volunteered to watch the puppy and give him his meds at the appointed times and make sure he pooped out the bad stuff. It was a pretty damn good day, if you ask me.

Stinky was bringing the puppy over at about 8:30, so I got up early to run my 4.5 mile route. It's been a while since I've been running when it was in the 20's. That was cold for my old bones.

Jaxson and I had a grand old time. We played with the red dot, and all the cat toys and he chased Archie around...Of course, Archie is still terrified of Jaxson, since Archie only weighs 15 lbs more than the puppy. By mid-afternoon, right as Jaxson was eating, Archie got a little braver. Too bad Jaxson licked his bowl clean, because Archie was kind enough to finish his food for him if he couldn't. Archie's a giver that way...

I got Jaxson settled on the couch and I was trying to read my book, when we both decided to take a little afternoon snooze. Archie got extra, special, brave after Jaxson fell asleep. he even nudged the puppy with his paw just to see if he was really asleep.

We slept for about an hour. I have to say, puppy naps really are the best naps.

I tried to get a selfie with the puppy, but that was easier said than done. This was about all I could manage without squirming and blurring all over the place.

I probably don't need to tell you that I didn't get much done on my day off...Except for eggplant parmesan over linguini with steamed asparagus made for dinner. But it was a perfect day to not go to work, play with a puppy and rest. Exactly what I needed.

Also, the puppy seems to be healed from his foray into garbage cuisine. Silly old boy.

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