Friday, April 08, 2016

Keep the Pace Hold the Race. Your Mind is Getting Clearer

Jaxson kept eating my book while I was trying to read it. It would have been annoying if he weren't so damn cute.
 I woke up yesterday with very sore leg muscles. I tried to remember what I did the day before to cause it. Had I run a marathon, or done a 100 miles on my time trial bike? Was it from all that puppy playing? Then it hit me. It was something way more strenuous and brutal than all of that...Yup. You got it - yard work and gardening. It gets me every year.

After work yesterday, I was doing a nice, easy, run on the bike trail. I saw a couple of ducks up ahead of me and I was quickly gaining on them. I would have caught them too, if they hadn't resorted to using their amazing powers of flight.  Little cheaters.

So, tomorrow, I am signed up for the Hawkeye 25K. It's that 15.5 mile trail run I do every year. Of course, this year, I am in no kind of shape for it. The longest I've been able to run without my feet hurting so badly I could cry, was 9 miles. I am going into the race the same way I have everything this year - cutting myself a sh*t-ton of slack. If I can't go very fast, I'll go slowly. If my feet hurt too badly to run, I'll take myself a nice walk in the woods. The only thing I'll hurt is my pride.

I am glad that I did so well last, year, because I don't have that pressure hanging over me. I will have a great time.  I plan on Enjoying the amazing scenery and then going to Big Grove brewery, where they gave us half priced beer after the race last year, and meet some of our bike racing friends who are also doing the race. I'm looking forward to the fun.

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