Friday, January 22, 2016

When It's Cold Outside, I Got the Month of February.

traiiner workouts are a little blurry at 5 am.
Oh, Kids. It's been one of those rough weeks in the middle of January. You know? I still have a little cold. It's really not bad....And my hip still hurts, so running, the thing that saves me in the Winter, isn't a possibility. I did try to do a trainer workout on Tuesday after work and swim laps on Wednesday morning before work, but I realized I was pushing it. I've decided to take a couple of days of to give my cold a chance to leave me and to see if I can get my stupid hip to stop hurting.

So, much of this week, I've been in the slightest of funks. I hate being in a funk, and I decided to try and fix that...

First, I planned a daughter dinner date on Wednesday night with Coadster to the new'ish BBQ place in town. It was really nice. We had a great talk and ate good food. The cornbread was the best I've ever had. It helped a lot, but didn't completely kick it.

Next, I planned a little trip...Since we don't have tons of money right now, and we're trying to be better with spending in general, it is a little trip. It's also kind of an odd choice for someone who is losing her patience with Winter. We're going to Madison for Winter Fest in February.  Mostly, we're trying to find enough snow to CX country ski on, but I was checking things out and saw that they have a night time, fat bike, crit right downtown. It sounds like a blast. I've never ridden a fat bike before, and if I ever get rich, I do want to get one. John and my brother and myself are kicking around the idea of renting fat bikes to do it. It's one of those "races" that warns riders that they will be beaten if they take it too seriously. That sounds like my kind of race. If we just end up watching it, I will be more than fine with it. It sounds so entertaining. If we end up doing the race, it will be one of the new things I try this year...I always try to do at least one new thing a year.

Anyway, our hotel room, right downtown in Madison has been booked, our Friday vacation days have been approved and we're working with my brother on the best places to ski in the area, while, at the same time, checking places to rent fat bikes in Madison. Fun has been planned and funk has been lifted. I hope you all have a funky, but unfunked weekend.

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