Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Days Get Longer and the Nights Smell Green

Another holiday weekend. I could really get used to these extended weekends...In fact, I AM really used to these extended weekends. That working 5 whole days in a row, could be pretty tough for me this week...

We started out New Year's Eve after work on Thursday. I met John at the Dublin Underground for what they call Irish New Year, but what I call old people New Year. In Ireland, its midnight, when it's 6 pm here. It's perfect for us, because we don't have to stay out very late.

 After we celebrated the New Year, we headed to the restaurant where Stinky was working and we got dinner and were able to see Stinky before she took-off on her first cruise on the 2nd of January. We also gave her a ridiculous tip.

 We got home in enough time to tend to the critters. Archie missed us so much, he made John put him on his shoulder and walk around the house with him. We got to bed around 9:30. Happy old people New Year!

The first day of the New Year looked like this: Woke-up around 6, had a mild migraine, took some Advil, went back to bed. Woke-up again around 9. Watched a European CycloCX race on-line, drank tea, read a book. Went swimming for an hour, got home, made spinach artichoke ravioli with Alfredo sauce that I put some artichoke hearts and kalamata olives. Read some more, went on a 6 mile run with the sun setting on me and then we headed to a friend's house to watch the last part of the Rose Bowl. Which, as it happened, was the only part to watch. Pretty much a perfect first day of the year.

January 2nd was really nice too. I took a break from working out, but I ran many errands instead. John and headed to Menards and got things to work on the kitchen. We're hoping having the stuff we need in the house, will keep us from making even more excuses about getting the work done, but we'll see about that...

Coadster came home a day early. John and I were going to go on a date, but since Coadster was there, we asked her if she wanted to make it a family date. She was all for it. We had a lovely meal, a couple of cocktails and then went home and watched the DVD of  "A Walk in the Woods".  It was a very lovely family date night.

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