Monday, January 25, 2016

And I'm Gettin' Old...

Some bad kitty let their mark on the bike path.

This weekend was an interesting mixed bag. On Saturday, I was still feeling kind of crappy, so I rested. I read and drew. Then in the afternoon, I felt better, so I went for a little 2 mile walk to test out my hip. My hip was okay with the walking and oh my, did it feel good to be outside. I used to think it was moving that kept my spirits up in the Winter. Now, I know that's a big part of it, but moving also has to be accompanied with going outside. It helped my mood immensely.

Saturday night was date night at our house. We had dinner at Apres. We got the salmon salad with poached egg and grapefruit, the duck confit poutine and the roasted corn and lobster dip and split it all. We had a lovely dinner and then went home and watched "The Martian". I read the book and found it very entertaining. The movie was great too.

There was a full moon this weekend, but we had such a nice couple of days, that even the moon didn't make me nutty or cranky. Also, it made for a beautiful evening.

I know I'm supposed to be 50 years old, but apparently, sometimes, I get confused and act like I'm 5. This Sunday was a perfect example of that. I felt better. I felt soooo much better. Any adult would be glad, and would try not to push it too hard, so that they didn't have any kind of relapse. Any RATIONAL adult, that is. Too bad I don't fit that description.

I felt better, so I ran around like an idiot, trying to do everything that I haven't been able to do for the last week or so. I walked my 2'ish mile route. I tried to run little parts of it, until it was clear my hip wasn't THAT much better. Then John and I swam laps for an hour. Afterward, we sat in the jacuzzi and watched a little of the Hawkeye basketball game on the big screen TV there. I'm serious, if they sold beer there, it would be standing room only...

Anyway, after the swim, we had lunch and then decided that since it was all the way up in the lower 30's, we should get the road bikes out and go for a little ride. It turned out to be a lot littler than we planned. I've been riding on my trainer and my hip didn't bother me a bit, so it didn't occur to me that it would be a problem on the road either. Turns out, my hip didn't like the aero position. we got about 8.5 miles out of town and had to turn back around and I had to ride my bike in the most upright position possible. I'm sure I looked more than a little odd. Whatever. I'm used to it.

So, I exceeded my limits yesterday. I'd like to say I regretted it, but it was worth it to get to go out and play on a beautiful day. I am trying to act like a 50 year old today. I'm just commuting to work and back in my very upright position and we'll reevaluate again tomorrow.

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