Monday, January 11, 2016

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

It's time for my December stats post. The weather was so much nicer back then. Running was a lot easier and we were actually able to ride road bikes outside. Sigh.

Riding: 167 miles.

Running: 61miles.

Swimming: 5.3 miles

Books Read: 5. Much less than the last couple of months, but in my defense, the books I read were, very, very big. - "An Unnecessary Woman" Rabih Alameddine, "The Bone Clocks" David Mitchell, "NW" Zadie Smith, "The Stranger's Child" Alan Hollinghurst, "Unbroken" Laura Hillenbrand.

Drawings and paintings done: None. Although, I've started on sketches for my next painting. I have some more work to get them where I want them, but the fact that it's basically a stick person, gives you an idea of my "talent".

Blog Posts Written: 17. My computer dying will probably affect December and January, but hopefully not February.

House Projects Done: Well, um, you know...We bought a couple of things and then got overwhelmed by them.

Stories Written: None, but I do finally have a few ideas cooking and as soon as I get my computer back, I'm sure I'll be right on that...

So, there it is...Or was. We'll see if I can keep from getting so overwhelmed and if I can blame more things on not having a computer at home this month. My guess, is that it's probable...


Todd said...

This weather makes for a lot of time to read. Winter is here!

Churlita said...

I don't love Winter, but I do love reading....