Friday, January 15, 2016

Now I'm a Seasick Sailor on a Ship of Noise

Some very colorful food I made last weekend.

So, yesterday it was lovely. I got off work and rode my bike home and it was almost 40 degrees. I thought I would run a nice, slow, 6 mile route and most of the icy spots had melted, so I wouldn't have to worry about falling. I started running and everything hurt. I generally don't listen to the first mile of my run. The first mile is a liar. It always tells me I'm too tired, I'm cranky, I get weird phantoms pains that suddenly disappear it conspires against me and my run. So, I kept running, but even after the first mile, my legs and my feet were killing me and I felt dizzy and really tired. Normally, I like to blame everything, mentally, physically, emotionally, monetarily, mechanically, even the state of the union and weather, on menopause and hormones...And I'm usually right. This time, though, I think it was something else. When I was riding my bike to work today, my legs were still so sore and achy, I could barely pedal. I said something to John about the fact that I noticed I had a bit of a sore throat and I felt feverish. He said he had the same thing for a few days earlier. He said it never developed into anything bad and it felt like it was going away, so I'm hoping for the best.

I get a three day weekend (Yea, me!) and it's supposed to get bitterly cold again. Originally, I was going to try and get some serious running miles in, but now? Now, I will take things easy, read Harry Potter for the first time, watch some old movies (The Thin Man and To Sir With Love), clean the house a bit, and try to get a painting at least started and relax and get over my bad bug. I also now have an excuse to hibernate. I'm sure the cats will be thrilled.

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