Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Know the Night Time, Darling, is the Right Time to be With the Ones You Love, Now.

The Chicago goodness carried over from Friday and then magnified itself. John and I woke-up around 7, which meant we only got about 5 hours of sleep. I was a little tired, but there was a lot of stuff I wanted to pack into the day, so we got up and got moving.

John and I headed down to eat our complimentary breakfast (it was a lie. It didn't tell me I was pretty even once) and then got ready for our first run in the city. As I've said many times, running and cycling are my favorite ways to check out a new location.

 We headed to Navy Pier. I know it's a tourist trap, but I had never been there before, and it was at least fun to look at during our run. It was also a good way to check things out that we wouldn't normally see.

We ran on the Lakefront trail and it was great. There were so many people out walking, running, riding, skating and walking their dogs that were wearing little ruffly dresses.

We got back from our run, right as Coadster and her boyfriend arrived. John and I took showers and we all worked on figuring out the whats and whens and wheres of lunching.

 We decided on an Irish Pub not far from our hotel. It was great food, and our waiter was wonderful at his job, and VERY easy on the eyes. Double bonus.

 We rode the train to Wrigleyville. There were tons of Cubs and Pirates fans on board and much good-natured ribbing between the fans of the two teams. We got to Wrigleyville around 1:30 and set out to find our rooftop deck. Having done that, we went to a bar called the Cubby Bear where John ran into a woman he worked with. She said she had been drinking since 8 in the morning and my liver hurt just thinking about that.

There was a threat of rain all week, but by the time Saturday rolled around, it was sunny and warm. VERY warm, in fact. Stinky was a little overdressed and I was so glad I just wore shorts, a tank top and a pair of Keens.

We had unlimited food and drink with the price of our tickets. It was so hot out, that I was mostly drinking Pepsi and water, but at the ballpark, that would at least cost me $5 a drink. It was a comfortable and pleasant way to watch my first professional baseball game.

The game itself was great. Coadster was glad that the Cubs, not only won for her birthday, but also entertained us by one batter slipping the bat out of his hands and accidentally hitting a woman in the stands (she wasn't hurt) and another fielder making an incredible catch.

We left the game and went to a bar called John Barleycorn to wait for most of the people to clear out of Wrigleyville, so we could fit on the train.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at a bakery to get Coadster some birthday cake. Turns out, she didn't want cake at all but Macaroons. She has always been a HUGE fan of coconut.Strange girl.

We were all pretty exhausted, but Coadster wanted to go out, since we were in Chicago. So, we headed over to Navy Pier to get an appetizer and a drink. It was packed. We were going to try to do the ferris wheel, but the lines for tickets and then for the ferris wheel itself were too long.

Everyone on their phones except for me. I'm old and prefer to talk to the people I'm hanging out with.

Since we were all tired and overwhelmed, John had a great idea. We would take the kids to the cool, outdoor bar we saw on the beach while we were running. It was perfect. It was quiet and they had this funky, cabana seating. We all had a drink and some appetizers and kicked around the idea of maybe going down to the hot tub at our hotel, but it was clear the minute we got to our room, that none of us, had it in us. We all pretty much crashed the minute we could. We were all tired in the best way.

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