Monday, May 04, 2015

No More Lookin' for Brains in all the Wrong Places...

Iowa in the Spring road warriors.
 On Saturday we went on a fun social ride to the future home of James T. Kirk in Riverside, Iowa. It was a warm and windy day. One of our friends got a flat tire on the way there. He didn't bring any extra tubes or a pump. He has an old 80's bike with different tubes and valves than we have on our bikes, so he couldn't use our extra tubes or CO2 cartridges to fill his tires. There wasn't much we could do for him. We tried to call a few friends to pick him up, but no one answered. He walked back to the last town and ate and drank at the bar there, until we made it back. He also ran into a guy who had a tube he could use. Whew!

I love the countryside we get to ride past.

We made it to Riverside and ate lunch at Murphy's. Our friend, Seaghan met us there and John was, apparently, hungry for brains...

I made the boys do a photo op with me at the Star Trek Museum on our way out of town. In my world, dorky photo ops are very, very important.

We headed back to Iowa City and the head wind we had on the way there, switched around and became a head wind on the way home too. The worst of all possible situations. We met up with our friend who flatted and John and I pulled the boys home. Even with the head wind, our little draft line went out at a nice speed. A little over 35  miles of riding, there and back, a nice lunch, a cheesy photo op and a warm, if not windy ride. Is this heaven? No, it's....Oh, never mind!

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