Friday, May 08, 2015

And I'm Just High on the World.

The last of my bleeding hearts.

Well, it's Friday, so there are cats on the blog, as usual, and there will also be some numbers. I have a lot of passions...Besides harassing my cats. I love to read, write, paint, run, ride, swim and cross-country ski. Just for fun, or because I'm weird...Or really, because my mom died when she was 43 and ever since then, I've had this thing about feeling like I'll never get enough of the stuff I love done before I die, I decided to add it all up this week. To see how I'm doing for the year.

My cat is a weirdo.
 Reading and writing: I haven't written even one short story or even a fragment all year. Something to work on. I have written 77 blog posts this year.

I have read 12 books so far this year - 2 nonfiction and 10 novels. I haven't read any short story collections yet.
John and his cat bonding on our porch.
 I have started one painting a couple of months ago and haven't finished it yet. I have ideas for 3 more. I guess I better get crackin' on those.

The sun rising over my favorite barn to run past.
And now for the work-out/playing stats:

CX-country skiing: 28.77 miles
Lap swimming: 18.20 hours
running: 311.46 miles
bike trainer (indoor): 7.48 hours
outdoor cycling: 1001.56 miles

I had figured out my bike miles earlier this week, but forgot about 200 commuter miles. I had about twice the biking miles by this time last year, but my knee was screwed up, so I couldn't run. I'm pretty happy with the balance of work-outs, I just need to increase the intensity of the bike rides and add open water swimming to the mix. There's always something to improve upon...


NoRegrets said...

That's a lot of exercise!

Churlita said...

Yeah. I'm a spaz. I need it.