Friday, May 15, 2015

I'm Glad It's Your Birthday. Happy Birthday to You.

I love the drool spot Coadster left on my shoulder here.
Coadster was born on a Friday on this day in 1992. She is turning 23 today and I feel so lucky to be her mom. We are headed to Chicago after work today to hang out and watch a Cubs game tomorrow. We're hoping for no rain. We have a hotel in the heart of everything, so it should be a fun weekend.

The cats will be missing us, but they will be guarding our house, along with an excellent cat/house-sitter...Not that we live in a cat house, but we are going to have someone come over and watch our cats and  house while we're gone.

I've been working on the cartoon'ish drawing for that painting I did a month or so ago. This is what I have so far. It looked better before I put it in my bag and it got rained on my commute home from work. Although, it's created some interesting, unintentional shading. I'll probably change it 100 more times before I actually stick it on the painting...

Archie is a little excited about us leaving. When we take-off for a weekend or longer, we let the cats free feed and they get DRY FOOD! Dry food is like eating potato chips all day for cats. There isn't much substance, but it apparently tastes really, really good. I have no doubt that Archie will eat his weight in dry food this weekend...And he is definitely already of quite an impressive girth.


silly rabbit said...

I love Archie! Such a fluffy guy. Happy birthday to your Coadster! The time just flies by. I like the effect of the rain on your cartoon, though I understand that it may not be what you want for your painting, it is kind of neat.

Churlita said...

Hey, You! Long time, no hear from. Archie is more fat than fluffy, but I'm sure he'd rather be though of as fluffy. ha ha.