Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sharing the Things We Know and Love With Those of My Kind

The guy trying to calm down the cat.

Weeellll. last night got away from me in a very good way, and I didn't get around to blogging. I'd like to say I'm sorry, but I'm not.

...And now, looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow night, Stinky is going to a party with some friends. I'm picking the guy up after work and we'll eat dinner and relax and have the house to ourselves...Well, I guess we still have Archie to contend with, but that can be fun too, when we get to torture him.

The cat calming down the guy.

There is a lot going on for Saturday. Stinky will work most of the day, and the guy and I are planning on going to What a Load of Craft at the fairgrounds. It's kind of like a hipster craft show. I'm not sure how long we'll stay, but we'll definitely check out the spectacle. After that, we'll either have a late lunch or early dinner. Then we'll head to my friend E.'s house for her holiday beer and wine tasting party. Of course, because we live in Iowa, there could be quite a bit of snow flying on Saturday too, but I'm pretty good at working around that. I have to. I'm a Midwesterner.

So, how about you all? Are you all having so much fun that you're unapologetically not blogging or dashing through the snow this weekend?


booda baby said...

It's very nice you've got a cat whisperer for a guy. It's MORE nice that you two can now count on each others' (other's?) (hm. one of those) companionship.

rel said...

Relationships in the flesh beat blogging hands down.
We are dealing with Jack Frost's deep freeze this wknd.

NoRegrets said...

Ouch. That photo hurts me. Poor Archie by the scruff of his neck.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun!

SkylersDad said...

I have been getting pulled in too many directions lately to really think about blogging. I throw up a couple quick hits here and there on facebook, just because it is easy.

laura b. said...

Wish I had something more to distract me from blogging :-)

The weather is supposed to be warm here this weekend. Guess I'll try to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors.

AlienCG said...

We went to see Dawn Treader this afternoon and had a nice dinner, now we're settling down to write and stuff tonight. That's about it and yes, I am still alive.