Wednesday, December 01, 2010

As If Everybody Here Would Know Exactly What I Was Talking About

Here is the guy drinking from a bota, but finding it is now dry. Wah!

I guess all I have to do is write a blog post documenting Archie's bad behavior and he straightens right up. He was an absolute angel last night and I actually got some sleep. Nice.

Speaking of nice...Wednesdays have become my new favorite nights. I picked up the guy after work. We got to my place and Stinky was still hanging around. We chatted for a bit before she went to her youth group. The guy and I ate the potato leek soup, some salad, smeared the roasted garlic and baked brie I made all over some sourdough bread and washed it down great wine the guy brought over. It was all so very wonderful.

I'm hoping all the cat torturing the guy did for Archie helps mellow him out and I get another gloriously pounce free night at my house.


crazy4coens said...

Love the title and the food sound marvelous. Sounds like the company was good, too. Sounds like a hit all the way around.

Tara said...

Exhaust the cute little furball during the day so that he's all tuckered out at night! :)

That brie with the bread sounds awesome.

laura b. said...

Great food, great company...where do I sign up for this?

Michael said...

That bread/brie combo sounds perfect. I just used this line in my NaNoWriMo novel about a week ago. Brilliant pull.

NoRegrets said...

la la la... :-)