Monday, December 13, 2010

Everybody Here is Out of Sight

Stinky and one of her friends.

So, tonight we deviated from our normal Monday night shenanigans. Instead of Mexican food, we decided to eat appetizers at Graze. The guy made plans to meet his friend Bry to play pool at a billiards club across the way at 7. So, we decided to go there, where it was handy, due to the time constraints. It was just as nice. I went over and watched the boys play pool for a bit. I don't really know how to play myself, but the guy said he'd be happy to teach me some night. Sweet!

I left the boys to their own devices and went to pick up Stinky from work about 9. I texted her to let her know I was in the parking lot and didn't hear back from her. I walked into the store and found her with a full shopping cart. She said some jackass tried to steal a bunch of stuff and got caught and she was assigned the task of putting it all back. She still had so much to do, so I told her I'd help her to make it go faster. It always feels kind of personal and voyeuristic going through somebody's groceries....Especially when what they tried to steal was so weird. There was organic breast milk tea (?), about 10 cans of Dinty Moore stew, a six pack of Heineken, latex gloves, lube, berry flavored condoms and a big pack of diapers. Stinky was a little grossed-out by it all, but I told her we definitely couldn't begrudge them the condoms. As far as I'm concerned, anyone with that kind of grocery list, probably shouldn't be procreating again anytime soon.


rel said...

Yeah, but who eats condoms?

Tara said...

Condoms, diapers and breast milk.... Sounds like a very twisted scavenger hunt!

Pamela said...


laura b. said...

It will be fun to learn pool.

That is a very odd selection of things to try and walk out of a store was nice of you to help Stinky clean up :-)

booda baby said...

Pool's a good thing to learn when you're immobilized by winter. Otherwise, as a pool player who's had to watch a billion women get 'taught' by men, I've got nothing. How hard is it to concentrate and think in terms of angles and holding your cue straight? I have faith and confidence in you, though. :)