Sunday, December 12, 2010

And When I Look in My Window. So Many Different People to Be

The guy is very brave to be wearing the cat as a hat.

Another weekend down...And it was a good one too. Friday night I picked up the guy and we had a lovely evening of food and drinks and great talks, I just never get tired of our nights together.

The guy and I at the wine beer/wine tasting party.

Saturday was nice...Except for the weather...Or really more the threat of bad weather that never actually materialized. I got Stinky to work and had a bit of time to myself before I picked up the guy and we headed to the hipster craft fair. We really just did a drive-by there and said hi to a few folks we knew who were selling their wares.

We headed back downtown and went to John's Grocery to pick up some fun beer to take the tasting party later. After that we went across the street to the Bluebird Diner. It has really nice ambiance and they were playing the Charlie Brown Christmas album and we got sandwiches and soup and it was all very lovely. We had some time to kill before the party, so we went back and did some hanging out at my place. The thing about dating, is that it's nice and fun and stuff, but you rarely get to hang out with the person in their regular environment. So, it was nice to just chill at my place and read and rest or whatever, and our time wasn't quite so short and structured. I always think it's important to find someone you can just be quiet and mellow with as well.

The party was great. A lot of people bowed-out because of the weather threat, but that almost made it better. There were enough people to make it fun, but not so many that it was overwhelming. The guy won the beer tasting with his raspberry flavored beer. We had good snacks and got to meet a few new people. It was a great way to spend a cold, snowy Saturday night.


Tara said...

Archie's getting big! It seems like you just posted a kitten photo of him yesterday.

That's a cute photo of you and the guy, too!

laura b. said...

I need someone to invite me to a wine / beer tasting party. Or, I guess I need to just host my own. Sounds fun :-)

I know what you mean about dating, too. Sometimes it is extra nice to just be relaxed together.

NoRegrets said...

It's supposed to be the cat *in* the hat/head, not *on*. :0

So, how do you win a beer tasting?

Ananda girl said...

I love the cat hat!

I agree, being with someone you can just be quiet around and know that its all good, is wonderful. Far better than those relationships where someone is expecting constant input. I think its a very healthy thing.

You make a cute couple and you look so happy. YAY!

Churlita said...

Nor, He brought the winning beer. So, that's how he won the tasting contest..It was more a contest to see who brought the most loved beer or wine.

rel said...

I tried blueberrie beer last summer. It was actually tasty in a weird way.
Quiet and mellow : a good piece of the puzzle.