Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't Get Me Wrong, If I'm Looking Kind of Dazzled

A Christmas Jack-O-Lantern I found while I was shoveling snow.

Christmas morning started with shoveling snow. It wasn't super cold out, so I didn't mind. Then I went running and that felt really nice. I cleaned the house a bit while the girls were at a movie with their dad.

I picked up the guy around 5 and came back to my house. He offered to take me and the girls out for sushi and we headed to Oyama after the girls got back from their movie. We had a nice meal and a great talk. It was lovely to be surrounded by my three favorite people, eating my favorite food. I couldn't have asked for a better evening.

The kitten under the tree.

We dropped the girls off at home after dinner and went to the Dublin to meet some friends. It was a nice night. We normally don't go out that late, so it was great to see some of the folks who go out later than we do. I got tired after a certain point and realized it was time to go home. Apparently, I'm old or something....

Another pic of me with my eyes essentially closed. Typical.

I woke up today with a migraine...Which explained why I was so tired last night. I took my meds and took a nap and it went away for the most part. Of course, the meds just make me so stupid and tired, but I'll take that over the pain any day.

I picked up the guy in the afternoon to go swimming. He asked me if I'd let him buy me some cross country skis. He knows I'm uncomfortable with him spending so much money on me. I feel like he pays for more than I do, but he thinks I do more for him. So, he presented his case, and I let him buy me cross country skis. It was so nice of him. We found a pair of last year's models that were way on sale, but couldn't find boots to fit me. We're going to check a few more stores for those. I'm really excited to get to ski whenever it snows.

We had a great swim and a steam, before the guy went to meet his friend Bry to play pool and I left to pick Stinky up from work. I had a nice relaxing evening at home tonight with my girls. Exactly what I needed.


rel said...

Except for your headache it sounds as if you had a swell Christmas.
We made it home without a hint of the storm ravishing the east coast: praise be to God.
Btw; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

laura b. said...

Sounds wonderful.
It can be hard to let even someone you care about do things for you...but I bet it made The Guy feel great to give you something you could really enjoy! Awesome :-)