Sunday, December 05, 2010

Faded From the Winter

The poor kitten taking a break from being tormented by a squirrel.

So, the weekend is over too soon again. I even had an extra half day and it still seemed too short. It was lovely, though. On Friday I got off work, ran some errands and then did some real running. I got to spend a little time with Stinky before I went to pick up the guy. We headed to Graze and had appetizers and a drink before we went to his work party at the Riverside Casino.

The work party was nice. Of course, I really didn't know anyone there, so I got to just check out the scene from my seat and didn't have to interact too much. I did meet some people, so I can put a face to some of the names the guy mentions...And since the guy goes back to work a week from Wednesday, I'll probably be hearing more about his work peeps very soon. Everyone there was very nice and friendly. There also seemed to be a HUGE difference in the kind of parties you have in the private sector, and the ones I get working for the state.

The squirrel who tormented poor Archie through the glass,

Saturday started out a little snowy, but not too bad. I took my car in and got it Winterized...Just in time apparently. I ran a few more errands before I picked up the guy.

We stopped at the bike and ski shop and picked up a few things to help our friend G., but when we got over to her place, she wasn't feeling well and was out of commission. We went back to my place and I took the clippers to the guy's hair. He is nicely shorn now, so in essence, he has been Winterized as well.

Next stop was the Dublin for a beer and luckily, a lot of fun people stopped down, so I felt like I got a good bit of socializing in. Finally, my appetite got the better of me and we went back to my place and ordered a pizza and actually watched the movie Secretary. Hmmmm. It was interesting and a little different than I had anticipated. Still, Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader were perfectly cast in their roles.

Poor Archie all tuckered out from the torment.

Today I gave myself a Get Out of Jail Free card. I did a few chores, but other than that, I didn't do much else. It was very cold here and I have such a hard time getting out to run when it's that frigid out. I just got a membership for the rec services building, so I'm hoping to swim and work-out there.

Mostly today? I read and tortured the kitten and did some hardcore lounging...And I didn't feel the least bit guilty either. My friend, S. came over to meet the kitten later in the afternoon. She thought he was hideous and awful, just like we do. So, she only doted on him for a little while...Icky, spoiled kitten.


laura b. said...

I have heard tales of non-gov work parties where you get alkeehol and such! Is this true?

Glad to hear you got The Guy winterized. Great news that he is ready to go back to work!

Icky kitten...

rel said...

Flew home from sunny warm San Antonio to frigid snow in Ottawa.
On the otherhand, we had a warm welcome from our cat.

Tara said...

Poor Archie - but apparently he's not losing sleep over his ordeal. He looks so pensive in that first shot.

Pamela said...

He looks just like Billy...

Hey, make sure your gutters get cleaned! And be sure that if you get lots of snow you clear off the edge of the roof, since if it melts and refreezes again and again, it can get in your walls and do bad things. That happened in VA last winter to a lot of people.

Mnmom said...

My cousin's cat looks just like that and his name is Archie!

When I worked for a private pricey college, the parties blew me away. I'd only worked for social service agencies and public schools. Our parties are all pot-luck. Theirs were catered.

booda baby said...

Ooooh, I think our ancient kitty's a handful, but since she commandeered the bathtub for her fake hibernating, it's been very nice and quiet. Don't quite know what I'd do with a kitten. Eeek. A little like gov-private sector parties, I guess. I hear tales ...