Monday, December 27, 2010

Heaven's Never Enough. We Will Never be Fooled

Icicles hanging on my house.

Tonight was a nice evening with the guy...For the most part. He had some bad news and was pretty sad about that...As was I.

But we went to the Dublin and had a drink before we went to Banditos and ate and had another margarita. We called it a night pretty early. I wanted to get up early and try to run in the morning and I'm sure he wanted some time alone to process things and get ready for work tomorrow morning.

...In bad cat news - Archie got his rabies booster shot today. He was a trooper about it, but still managed to poop in his carrier on the ride home....At least he's consistent.


rel said...

Our cat is such a wimp that we have to put a diaper on him if we take him in the car.

laura b. said...

I'm sorry to hear your guy has had bad news. Thinking good thoughts.

Johnny Yen said...

Sorry to hear about the bad news.

A friend's cat was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years back; he has to give him insulin shots a couple of times a day. I imagined our one cat, "Fatboy," who is terrified of me to begin with getting two insulin shots a day, and laugh my ass off.