Thursday, June 03, 2010

You Say Smile, I Say Cheese

A really skinny guy with leather pants, who we obsessed over last Friday. I don't think I could have fit my arm into the leg of them. It was kind of freakish.

So, I'll detail Monday quickly, since I need to start my post for this weekend already. What a quick week this was...Monday was one big exhale. FINALLY. I hung out with my girls and ran in the morning. In the afternoon, three of my guy friends and K. and G. and I went on a 25 mile bike ride to River Junction and back. I hadn't ridden for that long since last Summer. At one point, I asked my friends if the fact that I couldn't feel my ass, meant that it wasn't there anymore. They all assured me, that it was indeed still there in all its glory. Damn it! I felt pretty embarrassingly out of shape at the end of the ride. K. and G. and I vowed that we'd try to go on at least one long ride every week we could.

After the ride, I was craving ice cream (of course). K. said she wanted ice tea or lemonade. I told her I made sun tea the day before and had lemonade, plus tons of leftover grad party food, and most importantly, spice cake with cream cheese frosting. We decided to go to my place and eat and drink. G. went down to the Dublin, so I texted her to see if she wanted to meet us. She did eventually, and then we ended up hanging out on my back porch solving the world's problems (read: boys) and drinking iced tea for a couple of hours. It was heavenly.

Soooo, this weekend? I'm not sure. This is the first Friday in a month that I have to work a full day AND that I'm not expecting an ex to show up in town. My plan is to have a fire outside, if it's nice, or to watch a movie inside if it's not. It's also Arts Fest weekend here, which is always pretty fun too.

On Saturday, I want to run and get some work done around the house. Then I'll stop by my friend Libby's birthday party for a while.

On Sunday we're planning on riding our bikes out to the Coralville Resevoir, and if we have the inclination, possibly even to Lake McBride. We'll see how we feel...

What's your weekend looking like? Will you spend it on your back porch solving the world's problems or riding your bike down a country road somewhere?


Mnmom said...

Arts Fest! They always had the best t-shirts! And I miss the rez. Had some really lovely moments there with my kids.

Tara said...

That cake with the cream cheese frosting is just what I need!

I'm going to a shindig tonight for the local animal shelter. Food and drinks galore!

Tomorrow I take my mom to the dentist and Sunday plans are tentative.

laura b. said...

I love that it took a week to tell about your weekend :-)
The one you have upcoming sounds marginally more relaxed than last weekend. Have a great time.

Johnny Rojo said...

I'm hoping for a long ride tomorrow morning; I've been doing well getting into a habit of long rides-- three this week. I'm hell-bent on getting in shape this summer.

I'll be getting together with a bunch of old college friends tomorrow night. Looking forward to it.

Ananda girl said...

We barbequed marlin! I've never had it before but it was wonderful and extremely filling. We also went to a gun show, which I have never seen before. I think my biggest thought was "Wow so many guns and nobody even looks crazy!"

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

we have a bunch of Festivals coming up here and I usually go to at least a couple.. The last time I went for a big bike ride was from Hamilton to Niagara Falls back about 20 yrs ago.. we made it there in 12 hrs.. arrived in time for dinner.. then the way home the weather was awful and I got really sick and ended up having a ride back to Hamilton.. then I rode up to my parents old place..!