Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Legit 2 Quit

A piece of artwork by a guy I know. If you live in Iowa City, he also does all the metal street signs on the Northside of town here.

I'm a bad blogger lately. I'm doing too much in the real world to check in on everyone's blogs in the virtual world. Sorry. I promise I'll be better when I'm not playing so hard.

Today was soooo much better than the day before. The weather was perfect and Coadster was feeling a lot better. She even ate a little something. I got up and ran and then came home and made brunch. Stinky and I tried to ride to the Coralville Dam, but she wasn't in shape for it, so we went as far as we could and turned back. It was still very nice.

Tonight I set everything up so we could watch our movie on the back porch. When we lived in that suburb on the Southside of Chicago, I have fond memories of being a kid and when it got too hot to be inside, my aunt would set us up on Friday nights in sleeping bags in the backyard and she'd bring the TV out and we would watch Creature Feature until we fell asleep. I have no idea why I thought that was so cool, but I did. I decided to do that for Stinky and her boyfriend tonight. I love to make things special and to set a scene, so I hooked up the TV and the DVD player, brought a futon out and covered it with pillows and a comforter and set the globe lights around the porch. It was eerie and perfect. Since there was no Creature Feature, I had to settle for Wolfman. It wasn't the best movie I'd ever seen, but it was perfect for our outside movie viewing experience. I never know how things translate from when I was a kid to now, but Stinky and her boyfriend said they thought watching the scary movie outside was totally "legit"...Maybe it was the chocolate chip cookies I baked that swayed their decision too.

So, it's the weekend and I still have 4 more days off. Hooray! Tomorrow is our day at the lake. We'll canoe, and swim and I'll read on the beach. Then on Saturday, Coadster and I are planning on riding bikes around to whatever used bookstores we can find and try to get a few old books we've been meaning to read.

Sunday and Monday we'll spend in Ames at Coadster's orientation. Since I've worked so many orientations at my university, it will be interesting to see how theirs goes.

How about you all? Will you be doing something "legit" this weekend?


rel said...

Your plans are absolutely envious.

Tara said...

No plans yet, but vegging out in front of the TV sounds like a great idea for tonight.

I love that artwork, at first I thought it was a chandelier.

Have a great weekend!

Pamela said...

Hi! Beautiful iron work. Jeez, good thing I don't live there because I'd buy a bunch. Glad you are enjoying vacation. Someday I'll have a porch to watch movies on, I hope. I have to go visit mom in NJ this weekend...

SkylersDad said...

Enjoy your long weekend, and glad that Coadster is feeling better!

Ananda girl said...

Wow. I have a wood carving with only one tree... but it looks remarkably like those. Very cool.

I love watching TV or videos outside.
And Creature Feature brings back memories!

Ha... and this weekend, we are running the electricity to our in progress outdoor kitchen and the cable for our soon to be patio TV!

I'm not sure about the rest of the weekend, though. Whatever that entails, I know it will be fun.

Have a great weekend... and no worries on blog world! You have a great time. We will be here hoping that you do.

laura b. said...

Did you watch Wolfman with Benecio Del Toro? I haven't seen it, but I like Beneciooooo.

You have so much fun stuff planned! I am going to see Grown Ups with Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad today...and I work tomorrow. Boo!

A said...

Enjoy Ames, I'll be thinking of you

booda baby said...

Movies outside!! It's like your own little drive in theater (which are also SO cool; almost more cool than they really deserve to be.)!!

We have Solstice Parade and party like crazy weekend here. It's always a toss up, whether to stay or go, until the exact last second.

I am pretty excited about your orientation trip. (No, really, I am. I think I was sent out all on my own too many times.)

Mnmom said...

I was just telling my youngest about watching movies at the drive-in, while seated on the hood or after my Dad back the station wagon in and let down the tailgate. We'd bring a giant greasy grocery bag of popcorn along.

A friend here in town shows movies through a projector onto the side of her house and invites the neighborhood.

Johnny Rojo said...

OMG, I LOVED Creature Features! I found that opening bit on Youtube a while back:

Sometimes I drag my laptop out onto the back porch and watch a movie on it.

Junkgirl said...

The movie on the porch is awesome! That sounds like so much fun. Sometimes I get to the cemetery out here, where they project movies on the side of a mausoleum. Best experience? "Pee Wee's Big Adventure." Imagine that in a cemetery. Creepy, weird, amazing.